Torchwood_001_Convention_Special_Cover_A_Tommy_Lee_Edwards (1)Captain Jack Harkness was instantly a fan favorite when he first made his appearance during the rebooted version of Doctor Who in it’s first season. He was the first non-heterosexual character introduced to the show and made appearances through out the series until 2011. From 2006-2011, he was the main character in the spin-off series Torchwood. John Barrowman brought the character to life in both series and has been making the rounds of conventions to the delight of many Whovians.

Titan has announced that Jack and Torchwood are back in a new comic series written by Captain Jack himself, John Barrowman and his sister, Carol E. Barrowman. The series will be kicking off this month with a debut at this month’s San Diego Comic-Con. A special edition will be sold as a SDCC exclusive along with the regular edition at the convention.

The new series stars Captain Jack reuniting with Gwen Cooper when he returns to Cardiff. The pair must work together to rebuild Torchwood and learn to put aside their differences.

Who better to introduce the new comic than John and Carol themselves in the Titan panel to be held during the convention. Fans will get behind the scenes secrets about what’s going to be coming up in the new Torchwood series as well as special announcements. Maybe the fans will even get serenaded by John with one of his love songs for the Doctor?

Torchwood #1 will be on sale at San Diego Comic-Con booth at the Titan booth #5537.

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