Chimichanga 2

Usually, I prefer my comics to have a more serious tone. Not uber-dark, ultra-gritty, just… serious.

However, I have to admit being charmed by this off-beat offering by Dark Horse Comics. As announced via press release earlier today, writer Eric Powell and artist Stephanie Buscema are teaming up to bring fans a new miniseries featuring Powell’s characters from his acclaimed Chimichanga comics!

Starring bearded little girl Lula and her friend, Chimichanga the monster, The Sorrow of the World’s Worst Face promises a return to Wrinkle’s Traveling Circus for an all-new story. According to Powell, the upcoming miniseries will introduce an antithesis to Lula’s optimistic, self-accepting personality. There isn’t much in the way of details, other than Powell’s statement that this new character is “exactly the opposite” of Lula and “is pretty angry about it”.

Chimichanga Cover 1
Chimichanga by Eric Powell

The sneak peek that I got at the cover art for the first issue has a whimsical children’s book feel to it. Far from being a detriment, the cover art is what actually caught my interest about this particular press release. I always enjoy quirky new stories and ideas, and I had to delve a little deeper into the backstory for Lula and her monster buddy pretty much immediately.

Another thing that catches my interest is Powell’s emphasis on providing a hero that breaks the usual mold while still being fun and inspiring to read. The fact that Lula is a young girl, who is a little chubby and sports a luxurious beard, is very appealing. Believe it or not, I remember being a kid and feeling like a weirdo or a freak (we moved around every 2-3 years, which didn’t help). So I imagine that Lula’s adventures and self-confidence can serve as positive encouragement to other kids and teenagers who feel the same way I did so long ago.

Now, I had never heard of Chimichanga until now, to be completely honest. But that’s one of the things I love about writing for That Hashtag Show – I get to learn about a ton of stuff that never would have been on my radar otherwise. So consider me officially intrigued – I’ll be taking a look at Powell’s original work in Chimichanga, and if I like what I see, I’ll be picking up The Sorrow of the World’s Worst Face as well.

Keep an eye out for Wrinkle’s Traveling Circus to roll into your local comic shop on October 12th, 2016!

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