Hawkman-Adam Strange CoverDC Comics continues to try and butter me up by announcing another miniseries scheduled to hit shelves on my birthday, October 5th (the first one being The Vigilante: Southland). Earlier today, Michael Doran over at Newsarama broke the story of Hawkman and Adam Strange: Out of Time, a team up between galactic guardian Adam Strange and Thanagarian law enforcement officer Katar Hol, better known as Hawkman.Adam Strange

In this miniseries, Strange (a long-time champion of the alien planet Rann) is settling into a quiet, normal life on Earth when he is unceremoniously whisked back to Rann by a Zeta beam transmission. Finding Rann’s capital city of Ranagar destroyed and his once-peaceful love interest Alanna calling for Thanagarian blood, Strange enlists the aid of Hawkman to try and prevent interplanetary war.

Because the planet Rann and the planet Thanagar are seemingly always at each other’s throats, things on that front seem like business as usual, as this would be the Nth time they’ve gone to war (comment below if you got that one). However, Strange and Hawkman working together should be a fun change of pace for these two perpetual adversaries (even if this isn’t their first team-up, ala Showcase #101-103 in 1978).  The two heroes must race against the clock to discover the true culprit behind Ranagar’s destruction and defuse the situation before the situation escalates any further.  Undoubtedly, the mysterious villain will be trying to thwart Strange and Hawkman at every turn, and I imagine they’ll have to contend with some of their own allies at the same time.

Nobody said being star-spanning superheroes was easy, right?

HawkmanLikely to add another wrinkle to the whole situation is the fact that these two heroes are vastly different from each other.  Strange, originally an archaeologist, should serve as the “level head” of the duo, while Hawkman will undoubtedly stick with his “punch first, ask questions later” approach. This contrast in personalities should offer some fun and excitement throughout the miniseries, and I’m sure the two will butt heads more than once before the six-issue arc is done.

Marc Andreyko (Batman: Streets of Gotham) will be the scribe on this miniseries, with Aaron Lopresti (Justice League: Generation Lost, Wonder Woman vol. 3) as illustrator and colorist. Not much is known about the story details other than the set-up for the series, but that’s how I like it – let the details come out in the book itself, rather than a press release, am I right? Keep an eye out for Hawkman and Adam Strange: Out of Time #1 to get transported to shelves via Zeta beam on October 5th – and happy birthday to me!

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