image2LootCrate is one of the most popular subscription boxes on the market. Each month in the LootCrate, Looters get a themed box full of fun geeky things such as exclusive socks, Funko Pop! figures, shirts, the list goes on. LootCrate has expanded to offer crates for specifically for gamers, anime fans, and geeky pets. There are also premium crates and clothing crates offered. Now LootCrate has officially announced that they will be doing a limited edition box specifically for fan girls.

“The entertainment industry is slowly catching up with the diversity of its fans. With LOOT4FANGIRLS, Loot Crate is tapping into the underserved market of fangirls, which is rapidly expanding and changing the landscape of the industry,” explains Chris Davis, CEO of Loot Crate in a press release. “Through our partnership with Her Universe, the premiere expert in the fangirl space, Loot Crate is furthering its commitment to serving all genres and genders in the world of fandom.”

Now, let me tell you why this is so exciting. My boyfriend was a subscriber to the standard LootCrate. Each month we would divided it based on what fandoms we liked. In February I saw that HerUniverse would be designing something for the LevelUp Wearable so I decided to give it a shot. When I saw that Espionage Cosmetics would be including something in the LevelUp accessories for her that same month, I subscribed to that one as well.

When I first got my February wearable I was super excited because I had been stalking Instagram to see what it would be. Unfortunately there was a mix up and I got the men’s wearable which was a Walking Dead raglan instead of the women’s Deadpool HerUniverse Hi-Low shirt. I emailed customer service and they sent me the correct shirt right away. The Deadpool shirt is one of my favorites and the other was a gift for a very excited co-worker. The following months I was not as impressed with the offerings from the wearables. The Captain America/Iron Man long sleeve from March had a really cool design but was a unisex size and not flattering at all. I gave it to my boyfriend as retribution for the items I had previous poached from his LootCrate. I had similar problems with the April Princess Bride raglan, now my roommate’s night gown, and the Lord of the Rings long sleeve shirt, also now my boyfriend’s. It wasn’t until June’s Ghost Buster’s Baseball shirt that I actually kept something for myself. Paired with a red cami, I rock it and cannot wait to wear it to see the movie next week. I ended up canceling my subscription to both the LevelUp wearable and accessories for July because I felt like I was wasting money on things I would just end up giving away or a closet full of unflattering geeky unisex shirts.

Just when I thought my break-up with LootCrate was complete, they announce their new Loot4Fangirls limited edition specialty box. Specialty boxes are a one time deal. It’s a mystery box so the contents are unknown but we do know that the box will feature a dress from HerUniverse, something from Espionage Cosmetics, a figurine, and a “killer” accessory. The items will celebrate female heroes from the featured franchises: Marvel, D.C., Walking Dead, StarTrek, and Borderlands. The box comes in at at whopping $55 but the total value of the box is over $100. Fangirls can’t order the box quite yet but can sign up on the website to be notified when it does go on sale July 18th. A limited number will also be available at San Diego Comic Con later this month.


I won’t lie I’m pretty excited about this because I know it will be clothing that will look flattering on me and let me show off my geek pride! Ultimately I’m hoping the this box is so amazing and so well received that LootCrate will decide that it wants to do more female specific wearables not just accessories. If that is the case, I will take LootCrate back in a heartbeat.

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