As many of you may know, Marvel recently announced that a black woman named Riri Williams will be taking over as the main character of Invincible Iron Man, in the wake of Tony Starks’s disappearance. Personally, I love that idea, and I’m interested in seeing how it unfolds. Even more amazing is the exclusive announcement made by Albert Ching over at

Are you ready for this?

One of Earth’s most powerful, dastardly, and outright awesome villains – Dr. Doom himself! – will also be taking up the mantle of Iron Man in the upcoming Infamous Iron Man.IIM Issue 1 Cover

Excuse me while the fanboyish excitement wears off.

In my opinion, Victor Von Doom is the best thing to come out of the pages of Fantastic Four. He’s a perfect villain: dangerous, scheming, ambitious, arrogant… and devastatingly competent. His expertise in cutting edge technology is on par with Tony Stark, allowing him to build a powerful battle suit as well as an army of robotic minions, time travel devices, and other nefarious weaponry. Even better, he backs all that up with magic, giving him some serious depth and resourcefulness when it comes to globe-spanning evil machinations and battling meddling heroes alike.

The fact that the recent events of Secret Wars seem to have set Von Doom on the heroic path is pretty intriguing. I imagine that his air of superiority will grate on other heroes and make for some great misunderstandings, paving the way for a few classic hero-on-villain-turned-hero fight scenes in the Mighty Marvel style!

One of the best parts of this is that, even before Secret Wars, Doom styled himself as something of a hero. He liberated his home country of Latveria (several times), installing himself as the tiny nation’s dictator. His genius allowed Latveria and its populace to thrive, and on more than one occasion he even put his country’s needs above his own. That can’t have been easy for a megalomaniacal tyrant, but he did it nonetheless. So now that he’s trying to go the route of being a full-fledged hero, I imagine he’s going to have quite a few rude awakenings. It won’t be an easy transition from ruling a nation and plotting to overthrow the entire planet, to saving cats out of trees and generally being a selfless protector of the innocent.

And, of course, Doom is likely to cross paths with Riri Williams, Tony’s replacement in Invincible Iron Man.  I can’t wait to see how that showdown pans out!

As if we needed any more reasons to be giddy with anticipation over this new series, legendary comic writer Brian Michael Bendis is teaming up with artist Alex Maleev (Daredevil vol. 2, 2000’s Superman vs. Predator) to bring Infamous Iron Man to life. Issue #1 will be scowling indignantly at readers in fall 2016, and if I know Victor Von Doom, I’m sure he’ll be the center of attention.

Personally, I can’t wait to see an Iron Man who wields magic with the same proficiency that he wields technology.  It should allow Bendis and Maleev to take the series in a lot of really cool directions.

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