Marvel NOW Preview CoverI love hearing about what’s happening (or about to happen) in comics, even if I’m not as avid a reader as I once was. Today, Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief Alex Alonso invites readers to get a sneak peek at the Marvel NOW! titles slated for release later this year… so that’s exactly what I did!

According to Alonso, the Marvel Universe and its characters stand divided after ‘Civil War II’, and the Marvel NOW! Preview Magazine (released today) provides readers with a few hints at what’s in store. The preview magazine allows readers to “Get a look at some of the new heroes, new teams, and big developments” that the creative talent over at Marvel have planned for some of their most iconic characters and titles.Asgard-Shiar War Preview Cover

I already wrote about two of these titles yesterday – specifically, Thanos and Infamous Iron Man. Personally, I’m excited for those, as I’m a big fan of the main characters for both books. However, there are a few more surprises hiding within the pages of the preview magazine, so let’s talk about those a bit.

From Champions #1 to a slew of Avengers titles, Marvel NOW! promises to provide a lot of new directions for the MU. There are no less than seven Avengers-related titles (counting Ultimates and Great lakes Avengers). We’ll be getting new solo books for Captain Marvel, Hawkeye, Captain America (Sam Wilson AND Steve Rogers), Silver Surfer, Jessica Jones, and Wasp (and, naturally, Solo…). There are even two separate Doctor Strange titles in the line-up!

So without a doubt, there’s a lot on offer. Of course, quantity doesn’t necessarily mean quality, and Marvel fans may remember the aftermath of the first Civil War miniseries. That story arc was followed by a plethora of different titles and a promise to “shake the foundations of the Marvel Universe”. It’s up to you whether those changes were good or bad, but I for one am going into this fall’s slate of Marvel NOW! titles with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Daredevil Preview CoverThat’s not to say that none of the books hinted at in the preview magazine caught my attention. Far from it. The Mighty Thor promises a war between Asgard and the Shi’ar Empire, and I absolutely want to see how that shakes out – the Shi’ar have been one of my favorite Marvel alien races since The Dark Phoenix Saga. Similarly, The Unworthy Thor is practically screaming for me to pick it up, as I love a good redemption story, especially when it’s written well!

I’m also a big fan of Captain Marvel, and I’ve been known to devour some Daredevil and Thunderbolts comics in the past. So I’ll take a look at those titles when they release, out of prior loyalty to those particular characters. I’m hoping they dazzle me!

And of course, I’ll be checking out the new Invincible Iron Man, starring Riri Williams, since it’s the counterpoint to Infamous Iron Man. Brian Michael Bendis will be scribing both books, so I think it’s going to be great comparing the two Iron Men to each other.

So that’s my take on the titles on offer in the Marvel NOW! Preview Magazine. You can check it out online here, or you can pick up a free copy at your local comic book shop. After you’ve giving it a look, comment below and let me know what you’re excited to read!

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