Courtesy of IMDB
Courtesy of IMDB

Season two of the Supergirl series adds Floriana Lima.  Lima will be a recurring character named Maggie Sawyer.

Sawyer is an openly former Captain of the Metropolis Special Crime Unit as well as the former Gotham police commissioner.  She tends to be in a position to deal with crimes involving “powered” individuals.  Sawyer is known for having a romantic relationship with Batwoman in the comics not to be confused with Batgirl.

Lima is best known for her roles as Bridey Cruz on The Family and as Michelle Prado on Allegiance shows.  

Supergirl is making big changes in season two.  The first is jumping from CBS to The CW.  The casting of a openly gay character is another.  It is unclear if her character will be gay on the show.  It is possible the Sawyer character is on the show for name recognition and writers  have no interest in putting her in any kind of gay relationship.

The second season will be at home with other DC comic shows on the CW like Arrow, Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.  Supergirl has already crossed over with the Flash as they had a race on the Supergirl show.  I look forward to watching to see how Sawyer fits in and seeing how her character develops.  Supergirl season two will begin airing on October 10.

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