13567261_1296213850397502_4083227045942331991_nEver since casting news got out about Disney’s upcoming live action Beauty and the Beast movie, fans have been eager to catch a peak of the movie. Star Emma Watson, who takes on the role of Belle, has posted from her Facebook Page a teaser poster depicting the enchanted rose in what can be assumed is the west wing of the castle.

As a refresher, the enchanted rose symbolizes the amount of time that the Beast has to fall in love and earn their love in return. If he does not find love before the last petal falls he will remain a beast forever. The west wing is where the Beast resides and is the only place he instructs Belle never to go.

Belle of course doesn’t listen, because who could resist exploring a castle? The chain of events that follow allow a relationship to blossom between the pair.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast dances into theaters March 2017.

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