Kim Dickens, left, and Cliff Curtis attend the “Fear the Walking Dead” panel

San Diego Comic Con was treated to two full hours of zombie-related discussion yesterday as AMC held back to back Hall H presentations for Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead. Moderated by Chris Hardwick (because obviously) the casts and creators came out to talk to fans about what the future holds, or to not talk about it in the case of The Walking Dead. Read on, and I’ll break down everything we learned.

Fear the Walking Dead

The second half of season 2 premieres on August 21st, and the panel kicked off with the trailer I’m sure you’ve all seen by now. One of the most interesting thing about the next batch of episodes is that Fear is taking some of its characters to Tijuana, Mexico. The producers were excited to show how people are dealing with the zombie apocalypse outside of the United States, and it sounds pretty different.

The episodes introduce a new character, played by Danay Garcia. She plays a character from a community that doesn’t view the walking dead as a bad thing, but rather an evolution of mankind. You can see in the trailer how they appear to offer up a man as some kind of sacrifice. As you know, Fear the Walking Dead is still in the early stages of the zombie outbreak, so it’ll be interesting to see if this community can maintain that attitude towards the walkers as they learn more about their condition.

The characters we know find themselves separated after the events of the midseason finale. Curtis and Chris are off on their own, Nick is alone, and everyone else is together on the ship. According to Ophelia actress Mercedes Masohn, this separation lets us learn a lot more about these characters as individuals.

Will we learn more about Madison’s past? Actress Kim Dickens certainly hopes so. Robert Kirkman gave a non-answer to a question about her potential relation to Rick Grimes, so keep your theory hope alive! At the very least we’ll see how killing Celia has irrevocably changed Madison’s character.

The Walking Dead

Given how season 6 of The Walking Dead ended, there was a looming shadow cast over this panel. How could the cast and creators talk about the future of the show without letting something slip about who got killed by Negan? Especially considering that every cast member present was either Jeffery Dean Morgan or one of the characters he might’ve killed? Easy; by not talking about the future of the show.

Chris Hardwick’s questions were focused on the characters’ pasts rather than their futures. Even the questions from the audience at the end avoided the “Who did Negan kill” question I was sure was coming, even though it obviously wouldn’t get answered. As a result, it was a fairly unexciting panel. The most notable moment was when Andrew Lincoln tried to strike back at Norman Reedus in their glitter war but ended up blowing most of his handful of glitter into his own beard.

Our only clues to the future of The Walking Dead are in the trailer. It obviously doesn’t reveal who Negan’s victim is, but we get a peek at the power Negan has over his community, as well as a look at Khary Payton as fan-favorite character King Ezekiel, pet tiger and all. Beyond that fans are going to have to wait for the season 7 premiere on October 23rd to see what happens.

At this stage in the game, which show’s return are you more excited for, Fear the Walking Dead or The Walking Dead? Let us know in the comments, where you should also feel free to continue speculating over who met their demise at the end of Lucille.

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