Welcome back to Round 2 of Suicide Squad vs. The Thunderbolts! In Round 1, I introduced the characters and their abilities. Moonstone beat Harley Quinn; Venom demolished Killer Croc; Deadshot took Taskmaster to task; El Diablo burned Atlas; Enchantress ensorcelled Songbird; Rick Flag grounded MACH IV; Bullseye threw Captain Boomerang for a loop; Katana cut down Lady Deathstrike; and Green Goblin out-crazied Joker!
In Round 2, the winners get to square off against each other – Let’s get started!

Match 1

Enchantress   vs   Moonstone
      Enchantress                                                  Moonstone

 As a psychologist, Dr. Karla Sofen (aka Moonstone) might think she can manipulate and anticipate the actions of her opponents. This would give Moonstone a clear advantage early in this fight, allowing her to fluster Enchantress and stay one step ahead. However, Enchantress also has a really nasty habit of losing control of her powers when sufficiently stressed out, allowing the demonic entity which grants her powers to take control.
Moonstone has no idea how the psychology of a demon works, so once the entity takes control, her mind games would no longer be any help. Plus, the newfound boost of supernatural power that Enchantress receives when the demon takes over would likely prove more than sufficient to overwhelm Moonstone, who can only keep up the use of her powers for so long before tiring out.
I feel this would be a drawn-out match with a sudden, dramatic, end when Moonstone gets overwhelmed by infernal magic.

Suicide Squad: 6, Thunderbolts: 5

Match 2

El Diablo   vs   Venom

         El Diablo                                                        Venom            

 After El Diablo catches a few buildings on fire to escape Atlas’s reach, he would be ducking down alleys and side streets to rejoin the rest of the Suicide Squad. Similarly, Venom would be hauling himself out of the sewers in which he and Killer Croc tried to tear each other apart.
Naturally, the two villains would come face-to-face in a shadowy back alley.
Unlike the match between Moonstone and Enchantress, this fight would play out quickly and explosively. Venom, with his natural ability to blend into the darkness, would easily get the drop on El Diablo, either binding him up with tendrils or even drawing blood with a vicious slash of his alien claws. But as we all know, the alien symbiote that grants Venom his powers is extremely vulnerable to fire, and fire is El Diablo’s specialty.
One or two good blasts of scorching flames would send Venom scurrying away like a wounded spider, to lick his wounds and try to recover. Considering how badly fire has hurt Venom in the comics, I imagine that he wouldn’t be jumping back into the fight any time soon…

Suicide Squad: 7, Thunderbolts: 5

Match 3

Rick Flag   vs   Bullseye

                              Rick Flag                                                 Bullseye                                                 

 Coming off his fight with the heavily armed and armored MACH IV, Rick Flag would be low on ammo and probably at least winded, if not wounded. Bullseye, on the other hand, would just be in a rage and looking for another fight. As much as I respect Rick Flag as a Special Forces operative and someone who regularly scraps with metahumans, I can’t see him winning this fight.
Of course, that doesn’t mean he’d go down easily. The man is nothing if not tough and resourceful, and I imagine that he would lead old Bullseye on a merry chase. In addition to being difficult to track down, he’s a skilled fighter, and he would absolutely land a few solid hits on his opponent.
Still, Bullseye is used to fighting the likes of Daredevil, Spider-Man, and other venerable superheroes. He would only need one well-timed throw of a knife, shuriken, or even a rock to cripple Rick. In the end, Bullseye would gain the upper hand, and he wouldn’t hesitate to stab Rick Flag in the chest or throw him off a building the second the opportunity presented itself.

Suicide Squad: 7, Thunderbolts: 6

Match 4

Katana   vs   Deadpool

             Katana                                                 Deadpool

 This would be a great fight. Katana is a serious, no-nonsense warrior with a strong sense of honor and duty (no, Wade, I did not say “doodie”!). Deadpool is all-nonsense, all the time, and I just know that his shenanigans would drive Katana a little bit crazy. She wouldn’t let that distract her, though, and the swordplay between these two would be pretty damn impressive.
Of course, Deadpool has his famous healing factor, which allows him to regenerate from almost any wound. This is a massive advantage… but it’s also a pretty blatant weakness, as Wade Wilson tends to rely on his recuperative abilities to give him the edge in most fights.
Katana, however, has one trick up her sleeve that Deadpool can’t heal from – that magical sword, Soultaker. It’s right there in the name: it literally takes souls. As soon as Katana realizes that Deadpool heals from any wound she inflicts, she would absolutely make use of Soultaker to rip away Wade Wilson’s soul, leaving his body a mere husk.
Of course, it would also mean that Deadpool would be able to communicate with Katana through the sword, so I’m sure she’d be regretting her decision almost immediately.

Suicide Squad: 8, Thunderbolts: 6

Match 5

                     Deadshot   vs   Green Goblin

                  Deadshot                                        Green Goblin

 And here we go. An immaculate professional against a raving whacko. After tangling with Taskmaster in the last round, I can’t imagine that Deadshot has much ammo left. Of course, Goblin is probably short one glider and running low on pumpkin bombs, so that leaves them relatively evenly matched in the arsenal department. Unfortunately for Deadshot, that leaves him going hand-to-hand with Green Goblin, a guy that frequently puts Spider-Man through his paces.
Now, I imagine that Deadshot probably keeps a few spare rounds on hand for just such an occasion – even one well-placed shot would slow Goblin down and give Deadshot a fighting chance. Because Goblin is crazy, though, his ability to fight through the pain would effectively negate any wound that Deadshot inflicted.
As impressive as it would be to see Deadshot tangle with Goblin, it would really only take one solid super-strength punch to take Deadshot out of the fight!

Suicide Squad: 8, Thunderbolts: 7

And there we have it! The Suicide Squad puts in a seriously clutch performance, snagging an extra win in Round 2 that will give them a decided advantage in the upcoming third and final round!
What do you think so far? Is there a match that should have ended differently? Let me know in the comments, and keep an eye out for the explosive finale of Suicide Squad vs. The Thunderbolts!

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