DC Rebirth *SPOILERS* DeathStroke: Rebirth #1:  Slow but Full of Potential



Spoiler Alert:  There are some minor spoilers in my review, but not anything which will ruin the story.  However if you want to go in completely clean then stop reading after this paragraph.  I liked the comic but did not sweep me off my feet and carry me to comic nirvana.  The main issue which I had was the pacing but it is the first issue so it may speed up.







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DC’s Deathstroke: Rebirth #1 is written by Christopher Priest, Carlo Pagulayan on pencils, Jason Paz on ink and colored by Jeromy Cox.  The art team did a fantastic job at portraying emotions.  I can really see the fear in people’s eyes when dealing with Deathstroke and I can see the anger on Deathstroke’s face even when it is under a mask.

The comic is an origin story of Deathstroke.  This is not a bad thing for me or other readers in my opinion.  The whole point of rebirth is to give new readers a jumping on point and not be lost in lore.  I am a fairly knowledgable comic reader and I did not know really anything about his backstory.   I know he turns into a bad mama jama but I did not know how he got there.

So far in the comic the reader is just getting glimpses into the past of maybe 10 to 15 years.  The reader sees Deathstroke’s son and his step-son or perhaps just girlfriend’s son as the three of them go camping and hunting.  The next page the comic flashes forward as Deathstroke is hunting down a target.

How the present and flashbacks are executed is so well done by Priest that as the time period shifts in both directions I am a little upset because I wanted to see more of that scene.  It is rare for this to happen as most of the time the reader can’t wait for the comic to switch back.Deathstroke

Flashbacks into the past are touching but leave me uneasy.  Deathstroke is protective but at the same time very stern and mean.  Something very bad is going to happen but I am stuck in a waiting game.  He does not seem broken yet, so I am really excited to see what turns him into the Deathstroke character.

The present shows what he has become after the events of this camping trip in particular  I assume.  In the present Deathstroke is the killing machine which we all know and love.  Deathstroke is able to quickly kill three people in what seemingly was one fluid motion.  My hat is off to the art team for being able to capture that in a still picture.

The comic does end with him finding a person from the past.  It is unclear what their relationship is to each other.  They could be allies, best friends or bitter enemies.

I enjoyed the comic but I was far from loving it.  The issue had a bit of a slow start but it is the first issue so that can be expected.

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