Light Up The Deadly Skies In New All-Gameplay Trailer

Indie game studio RageQuit Corporation commands you to engage in aerial combat! The French studio is distributing PlayStation®4 codes to media, bloggers, YouTubers, and streamers to determine who can hit the top of the leaderboard in its upcoming multiplayer aerial combat game, Strike Vector EX. Launching Tuesday, August 30, the re-imagined PlayStation®4 version will deliver a new story-driven single-player campaign, customizable Vectors, the excellent off-line Skirmish mode, and the ultimate rush of online multiplayer mayhem.

RageQuit Corporation’s debut PS4™ game has been fine-tuned to provide instant feedback and tight console controls for players to light each other up amidst futuristic, industrial structures. Players gear up their ships with a vast array of weapons and equipment to deploy specific strategies for each mission (paired with personal, bada$$ styles) and to engage in frenetic online multiplayer skirmishes.

Strike Vector EX is slated for takeoff on Tuesday, August 30 for PS4™. For more on RageQuit Corporation, like it onFacebook, follow it on Twitter, YouTube and TwitchTV.


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