How dark can Star Wars Rebels Season 3 get? Well, creator David Filoni has some interesting opinions about that. See what he’s got to say about the Disney XD show.

It seems odd for a kids show to take on the subject of death, but this is about a war after all. When asked about killing off characters in Star Wars Rebels, David Filoni had this to say:

You know I would say absolutely you can. You can kill off characters. You can turn them [to the dark side] if it serves the story. That’s something George [Lucas] always warned me about. You know, if you do this, do it for a reason. A reason that kids will understand. But don’t just do it to do it. Which is sometimes a hard thing not to do, to be tempted by. But, you know, we’ll see. It’s good to get you to the edge.

Sounds promising for all us die hard canon fans. There is no telling where things will end up next season, but I’m sure it will be interesting.

Check out for more on this subject and Rebels Season 3.

Also, check out the very intense trailer for the upcoming season below….

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