Are these the 10 most unique lightsabers in the Star Wars Universe? Let us know what you think!

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10. Tera Sinube, Darth Maul, Haazen Sabercane
9. Pong Krell’s Double Bladed Clickable Lightsabers
8. Darth Zannah’s , Bane’s Heart Lightsaber
7. Kylo Rens Crossguard Lightsaber
6. Maris Broods Lightsaber Tonfas
5. Asajj Ventress Curved Hilted Lightsabers
4. Warb Null’s Long Handled Lightsaber
3. Inquisitors Double Bladed Spinable Lightsabers
2. Ezra Bridger’s Lightsaber Blaster Hybrid
1. Lumiya’s Lightwhip

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