Stephen Lang

If Daredevil teaches us anything, it’s that you shouldn’t mess with blind people, because they’ll kick your ass. Fede Alvarez’s upcoming thriller Don’t Breathe teaches a similar lesson: don’t break into a blind veteran’s home, because he will find you. Especially when that blind man is played by Stephen Lang.

Our own Jessica Heidenreich sat down with Lang for Screen Rant at the press junket for Don’t Breathe to talk to him about the preparation that went into playing a blind person, as well as how it feels to always be cast as bad guys and badasses. Check out the video to find out how Lang avoided banging his shins while wearing contacts that significantly limited his vision.

Stephen Lang in Don't Breathe

Don’t Breathe hits theaters Friday, August 26th. And make sure to check out our other interviews with director Fede Alvarez, and the other stars of Don’t Breathe.

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