If you’re anything like me, about a month ago you started seeing people posting on social media about this amazing new Netflix Original Series Stranger Things. Then you started contemplating,”Hmm… are they right or is this just another ploy to suck you into another series that’s going to falter half way through”. Finally, you decide that everyone on your social media feeds can’t possibly be wrong.  So you dove head first in the show only to lose yourself in the magical, mystical world of the Upside Down; Stranger Things Kidsall the while discussing with your roommate how these kids are the best thing since the crew in Stand By Me. Finally, you cry yourself to sleep because nothing will ever be as good, until Season 2 (hopefully).

Then all of a sudden a new sensation starts popping up on your social media feeds; all of your friends getting their name in the same style at the Stranger Things Logo!

Sarah Carey Stranger Things


What?! How?! I must have this!! Well, never fear, I have the answer my Stranger Things obsessed friends.



This website will bring you the joy you’ve been wanting: http://makeitstranger.com/

It’s super easy. Click the link. Type your name, phrase, etc. (2-words tend to work best) and there you go! Something simple to tide you over for another month until you realize you have to wait for season 2 to film and receive an air date!

It’s okay. There may be something getting stirred up in the Side Quest Bar to help ease the pain. Stay tuned!

Stranger Things Winona

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