Transformers: The Last Knight had its production logo revealed via a tweet on ScreenRant’s Ben Kendrick’s Twitter on Aug. 5.

This will mark the fifth movie in Michael Bay’s Transformers franchise.  The logo on the chair appears to be of Optimus Prime.  The points on the sides are similar to Optimus’ “ears” and the round symbol in the forehead is the same as he has in the films. The “V” under the head is the Roman numeral five meaning the fifth movie.

It is unclear what the plot is and who the last knight is referring to.

The Last Knight will have Mark Wahlberg, Tyrese and Josh Duhamel returning to reprise their roles.  However, no one cares about them let’s look at the robots.

One of the new robot additions is Hot Rod.  He is a young, brash and cocky Autobot but he eventually becomes the leader of the Autobots and is renamed Rodimus Prime.

The Combaticons are making their debut in the film.  They are a loyal group of Decepticons who use military tactics.  They are the Seal Team Six of the Decepticons.

Onslaught in truck form
Onslaught in truck form

The next new addition is the Combaticons leader, the formidable Onslaught.  He is a hands-off type of leader.  He prefers to stay in the shadows and formulate plans to achieve his goal but he will get his hands dirty if that is what it takes.

Bay is attempting to create a Transformers universe with this movie which will lead to spin-off films.  A Bumblebee movie is already set to be released sometime in 2018 and Transformers 7 in 2019.  Bay is unquestionably trying to set up other characters to have their own films so expect to get to know other Transformers in this film.

Maybe this could lead to a Transformers vs GI Joe movie at some point since they share a production company and my inner-child heart can explode.

Transformers: The Last Knight is set to roll out to theaters on June 23, 2017.

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