Holy Moly Batman! And friends?
Welcome to Long Beach Comic Convention. Another comic convention, like a day in Disneyland for lovers of geek culture. One of the best parts? The fans! And how else should you celebrate your fandom but to dress up as your favorite character! Here’s some of the best cosplays seen at LBCC this past weekend.

Best Group Cosplay


Teen Titans was a cartoon and comic growing up in the 90’s and 00’s. We finally have a generation of cosplayers that can represent the Titans in all their glory, not to mention PERFECTLY.

Cosplayers: Ashylnne Dae (Starfire); Elizabeth Rage (Raven); Leo Camacho (Robin); Rian Synnth Cosplay  (Blackfire); Hendo Art (Terra); Chris Villain (Beast Boy)

Photographer: Saffels Photography

Best Genderbend Cosplay


Many times we find ourselves loving a character that isn’t our gender, so time to break the rules with some Rule 63, and my all-time favorite, genderbending. This means taking the gender of the character, bending it to fit the opposite gender. This is the glorious Silk, because boys just wanna have fun too.

Cosplayer: Athan Lau

Photographer: Adobo Productions

Best Video Game Cosplay


What is perfection? This duo. The cosplays are incredibly intricate, with hand-sewn beads, layers of cloth, distressed leather, hidden weapons, and so much more. Sometimes I think game creators purposely draw characters this way to give cosplayers a hard time. Infinite¬†points to these cosplayers for nailing this Assassin’s Creed cosplay.

Cosplayers: Sith in the North & Sam Skyler

Photographer: James Rulison

Best Crossover Cosplay


Crossover cosplay is hands down the best cosplay. Why? Because you’re matching two characters, trying to nail both of them, and be able to portray both characters together as one, but still ensure its a successful crossover. Snow White x Boba Fett = the most dangerous (and cutest) Disney princess mandalorian.

Cosplayer: Amber Arden

Photographer: Fat Man Photography

Best Comic Book Cosplay


While looking simple to the eye at first, one can see the extra details that this cosplay has. Ears and matching HUGE tail, check. Little buddy on shoulder, check. Adorable smile and embodiment of character, CHECK! The best kinds of cosplayers are those having fun, and kicking ass while doing it. Squirrel Girl, you win!

Cosplayers: Tenacious Bee

Photographer: York in a Box

Most Creative Cosplay


The word cosplay means “costume play” and nothing is better than actually playing around with costumes and creating your own concept. Grown up and punk PowerPuff Girls. Sugar, spice and everything nice never looked so cool.

Cosplayers: The Scientist Wrangler (Buttercup); Rachel Smash Gee (Blossom); Dangerous Pixie (Bubbles)

Photographer: York in a Box

Funniest Cosplay


When I mean funny, by no means do I mean funny looking. Its funny because the characters themselves are comedic, especially this epic duo of Tarzan and Jane. These cosplayers not only do a stunning job looking exactly as the characters, but they also are able to capture the fun and silly spirit that these characters own. Perfect and hilarious.

Cosplayers: Lonstermash (Tarzan) & Joanna Lynn (Jane)

Photographer: James Rulison

Best TV Show Cosplay


You had to know Stranger Things would show up on this list. This 11 cosplay is perfect, from the Keds to the bloody nose. And two of them? We must be in the upside down.

Cosplayer: Lostweasleychild Cosplay & child unknown

Photographer: Unknown

Best Movie Cosplay


“If you must blink..” actually don’t. Because if you did, you would miss this spot on cosplay of Kubo from the gorgeous stop animation film “Kubo and the Two Strings.” Even the “pick” that Kubo uses to strum his guitar is identical! Cosplayers, you always amaze me with your attention to detail. This one is no exception.

Cosplayer: Unknown

Photographers: Nels

Best Throwback Cosplay


Casey Jones, the hockey player, best buddy of the turtles, and April O’Neil’s love interest. Throwback to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles aka the best 90’s show on TV. (Don’t fight me on this Hashtag, TMNT is as good as Power Rangers!) As gorgeous as this cosplayer is, the photographer is extremely talented to capture not only the perfect setting for this cosplay but also that depth of field.

Cosplayer: Unknown

Photographer: Nels

If you attended Long Beach Comic Con and thought your own cosplay was amazing and the best thing ever (it probably was!) and I totally might have not seen it, please post in the comments below! The more nerds, the merrier!


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