In a report provided by Deadline, it was revealed that chief executive Bob Iger had stated that the third film in the Star Wars anthology series was planned for release in 2020. Iger said the scheduled film would make up a trilogy with the upcoming Rogue One film and the untitled Han Solo film. The films would be set up as a trilogy by keeping them under the ‘A Star Wars Story’ banner.

In the same report, Iger admitted that he did not think that Rogue One was going to be as profitable as The Force Awakens, but admitted that it didn’t mean the film wouldn’t be successful:

“We love what we’ve seen” for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, due in December, a break from the past because “it does not fit neatly into the Skywalker saga.” He doesn’t expect sales to match last year’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens, “but interest is high.”

Meanwhile he just heard a pitch from the director of the Star Wars movie due in 2019, and has hired a writer who’s developing another stand-alone Star Warsfilm for 2020.

via Deadline

High interests can usually translate fairly well with ticket sales at the box office as well as merchandising sales. Since it’s Disney we are talking about, the merchandising sales would have a significant impact. Adding another Star Wars film to an already extensive line up means that we will not stop seeing Star Wars everywhere for quite some time. And that will surely mean that Disney and Star Wars fans will be content unless the storyline goes off into an entirely different direction like the prequel trilogies did.

Now the real question is what will this third film focus on? Could it be the Yoda origin movie that some of us have wanted for awhile now or could it be focusing on someone else entirely?

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