Raven #1 is set between Teen Titans #24 and Teen Titans: Rebirth. In between these issues Raven goes back to high school and moves in with her aunt’s family.


Well known comic writer Marv Wolfman wrote the issue, Alison Borges provided the pencils and inks for the issue, and an artist named Blond provided the color.

Raven is best known for being a Teen Titan and is on the Teen Titan Go televison show. She is the “goth” magic girl who plays the serious role to the rest of the team’s fun loving attitude.

After a Titan has died and the rest of the team has gone their separate ways, Raven moves in with her aunt’s religious family. Raven must also go to high school and try to fit in with the average teenager. The powered teenager trying to survive high school is very played out, but if done properly it can make for a very interesting atmosphere to take place in.  

Most times the character gains the powers during high school. Their powers are out of control and they are trying to understand and control their new powers. In this case Raven has her powers and is in control of them by the time she enters high school.   

While she is with her cousins she is trying to decide who she is and get in touch with her human side. The issue sets up Raven’s origin in monologues and flashbacks. Her mother left the family to find her own place in the world but fell in love with the devil and had Raven out of that relationship.

Wolfman did a excellent job with the scenes with Raven in high school. She did not go in and use her powers to solve every problem and tried to not use them if possible. She only used them twice and both times were when someone was attacking her with a psychic scan.

Raven's 1st day of school

A high school scene which I really enjoyed was when Raven first arrived at school. As she walked by students all their conversations were” …music”, “…clubs” and “…movies”. It worked on two levels for me. The first was she could only pick out certain words like they speaking another language. Another was the students are only concerned about trivial things and are not concerned about the dangers Raven fought on a daily basis with the Teen Titans.

The art in the issue was good, but was not astounding. It was by no means bad. It was solid middle of the road good art.

The issue surprised me by how good it was. Raven is by far my least favorite character of the Teen Titans and I thought she would have a rather boring comic. I must eat my words now for believing that. I saw a lot of potential for the series in this issue. She could fight her demon brothers, her dad, or the girl who is psychically attacking her.

I recommend fans pick up Raven #1 today and keep an eye on the series.

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