Still From The Set of Justice League Reveals New Batsuit

Director of upcoming Justice League film, Zack Snyder, just tweeted out a photo of the new Batsuit.batman-suit

The film’s costume designer Michael Wilkinson told the armor in the photo is only worn in the third act of the film.  Batman is also wearing goggles in the photo which Wilkinson said are for piloting a new vehicle.  Knowing Batman it could be any kind of vehicle, but it will for sure be cool.

The armor itself is more of a tactical armor rather than a Kevlar material like he wore in Dawn of Justice.  The armor is full of plating and is heavier and more bulky than the suit worn in the previous film, but is lighter than the robot suit he wore.  Also notice the smaller and more rounded ears of the suit.  Many on the internet are comparing the suit to the Nite Owl costume in Snyder’s Watchmen film with the ears and goggles being similar.

In the background of the photo there is a Batmobile.with sparks falling on it.  It is unclear where Batman is and why there are sparks.  It could be the Batcave and Alfred or someone is welding as Batman prepares for battle.  Another possibility is sparks are not falling onto it but are actually shooting out of it because it is damaged after a battle.  This is more likely because there is quite a bit of smoke in the room.nite_owl

I do think he is in the Batcave or a possible safe-house.  The wall next to him looks weird and not like a regular wall.  The metal is in a strange shape and may be there to reinforce the walls.  Tools are also hanging on the wall and could possibly be grenades of some kind or a flashlight.  Batman is also casually pulling down a lever and is not looking over his shoulder or anything.  On the lever itself there is also a small WayneTech logo.

This is all speculation and we will have to wait until Nov. 17, 2017, when Justice League film will be released in theaters.

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