Ash vs Evil Dead is back, and I couldn’t be happier.

When we last left Ash and the gang, Ash and Ruby made a truce, allowing Ash to do what he always wanted to do, which was retire in luxury in Jacksonville, Florida.

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 2016

However, Ruby finds herself having trouble controlling the demonic children she conjured up using the Necronomicon. She relunctantly realizes that Ash is her only hope. She uses the book to send her minions to summon him.

Ash is living it up, having the time of his life. He even brought his pet bearded dragon Eli, who is getting all the ladies. A freak storm interrupts his good time however. Then things goes to hell quick. A few deadites attack. This season looks to be bloodier than ever. After they defeat the deadites, Ash realizes the truce is over. Joined by Pablo and Kelly, he decides to find Ruby to hopefully end this once and for all. He knows just the place to look too. His hometown.


First thing Ash does when he returns his home of Elk Grove is to go to his childhood home. He has a shaky reunion with his father Brock Williams. The apple definitely doesn’t fall far from the tree in this family. He tries to ask his dad to help him, but his father refuses. So Ash decides to go the local watering hole. He quickly finds out that he is not exactly welcome. To the locals, he is known as Ashy Slashy, on the account of what happened in the cabin some time ago. This is of course referencing the events of Evil Dead.

However Pablo is experiencing weird visions and dreams due to the face of the Necronomicon merging with his in the last season. One of the visions helps lead them to where Ruby is hiding out. Once there, Ash meets the demonic children, who initially prove more than a match for him. Pablo and Kelly have their own encounters too.

Ash finally find Ruby. After she reveals what has been going on, much to his chagrin(and also because she is hot), he ends up agreeing to help her. They find themselves cornered by the demon children, and all seems lost. That is until they discover their weakness. Turns out the Kandarian dagger can kill them. The episode ends with Ash, Ruby, Pablo and Kelly setting off to finish things so Ash can go back to luxury in Jacksonville. I have a feeling it will not be as easy as he thinks.

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 2016

Season 2 of Ash vs Evil Dead so far seems better than ever. It is much bloodier, the humor is there, plus we get more Bruce Campbell as Ash, what is not to love? Stay tuned next week to find out what else Ash decides to get himself into. It will be very entertaining that is for sure.

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