Do you love all things The Flash? Do you love talking about your favorite TV Shows? Do you wish you knew more about comic book shows, but don’t know where to start? Do you feel left out when crossover episodes happen because you don’t watch every single comic book show out there? Well then, look no further than The Flash Point, a That Hashtag Show After Show! We here at Hashtag have put together a panel of comic book readers and comic book tv watchers of all levels to help you mine through what is sure to be an AMAZING season of The Flash.

The Flash Point Cast

Sarah, Daniel and Ernie will be coming together every week to discuss the latest episode of The Flash, chatting theories and what the episode information can mean for the universe, in order to help you keep track of all the crossover craziness with Supergirl, Arrow, and DC Legends of Tomorrow. I mean, who has time to watch all that?! Okay…Daniel and Ernie do, Sarah…she’ll have a lot of questions.

The Flash Point Icon

So, join us at The Flash Point, comment, use the hashtag #FlashPointTHS with questions, theories, etc. to keep the conversation going all week!  Catch you later, Speedsters!


You can catch the latest episodes of The Flash on The CW Tuesday at 8pm! If you’re not watching this show you’re totally missing out!


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