Disney has been on a kick of live-action remakes of our favorite childhood movies. Some of them of been exact to the animated story. The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast are prime examples. There are remakes that tell a different side of the story, such as Alice Through the Looking Glass and the soon to come Aladdin: Genies.


Another remake in the works is Mulan, that officially has a November 2018 release date. And there’s already a lot of reasons to be excited.

  1. The writers of Jurassic World, Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver, are working on this script.

Number 2 is incredibly important. There has been a serious issue in Hollywood, that any characters that are suppose to be cast as Asian, has had a white actor instead (looking at you Ghost in the Shell). No more dishonor!


Disney has a reputation for respecting culture and representing them well, so we know (and hope) that Disney will change the game and cast Chinese actors mostly, as they are currently looking ONLY at Chinese actresses for Mulan.


We still have a lot of left to discover about this remake. Will Eddie Murphy be joining the ranks to voice Mushu again? Will the 90’s be alive in the amazing original soundtrack that featured Christina Aguilera and 98 degrees? Will it be funny or more serious? I can’t wait, I know Mulan will bring honor to us all!

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