In an exclusive brought to us by IGN, Lionsgate debuted five new character posters from the upcoming Power Rangers reboot film. Each of the five character posters shows each one of the Power Rangers in dynamic poses with the tagline Go Go, which is a little wink towards the original Power Rangers theme song.

The best part, in my opinion, of the release of these new posters is that we get to see all the intricate detail that has been crafted into the Power Rangers power suits. In previous poster releases, we didn’t quite get as much detail. We saw that the suits were more like armor than the stretchy full bodysuit type of uniforms from the Power Rangers TV show we grew up with. Other than that, it has been difficult to see the up close and personal details of each individual suit. Considering all of the Power Rangers have their own distinctive personalities and skill sets, it would make sense that the suits reflected that. And, with the release of these new posters, I think we can see a lot more of that individuality.

Another thing that we get to see that is tucked away in the posters is the use of the Power Rangers’ Power Coins. For those of you who are not familiar with the original power coins, they are super charged gold coins that draw their power from the dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. On each power coin, there was an engraved picture of a prehistoric animal. The coins could be removed and transform into power crystals. The transformation into power crystals was the key to enabling the Power Rangers to activate and control their Zords.

Lionsgate  will be hosting their official panel at NYCC on Saturday, October 8, at 2 PM Eastern Standard Time. They will be previewing two of their anticipated films, Power Rangers and John Wick: Chapter 2. The cast and producers of both of the films will be there to answer questions from fans during the Q & A session later on in the panel.

Make sure you take a look at the posters below and tell us what you think about them.






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