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Overwatch could have a new character named Sombra and a new game mode according to a leaked screenshot.  

Sombra has been described as a notorious hacker and she lost everything when she was a child.  The Talon organization recruited her when she reached adulthood.  Talon is a terrorist organization who also employs Windowmaker and Reaper.

Overwatch is known for their diverse character roster with very diverse classes.  It is unclear what class Sombra when fall into.  It would appear she will will be close to mid-range as she has a sub-machine gun.  This also may mean she a quicker character with low health. Therefore Sombra will most likely fall into the offensive or support class of characters.

As for her abilities and ultimate ability I believe it is very likely for them to have something to do with hacking.  It could be to hack Torbjorn’s turret or other electronic devices like mines.  However, another possibility is that is could be to disrupt mechanical enemies like Bastion, D.Va or Zenyatta.  I strongly believe they will involve hacking on some scale.

The other half of the leak is of a new game mode.

“[P]rotect the castle doors from the Zomnics and Dr. Junkenstein’s evil allies.”  It follows by saying there will be three difficulties and the harder the difficulty the more points it will reward.

Dr. Junkenstein is believed to be an alternate version of Junkrat based on a comic book cover and it is believed that he is controlling the Zomnics.  overwatch-dr

The game mode appears to be a type of survival mode.  The rewarded points could be used for the in-game money or maybe they will be use just in that game mode.

The whole screenshot could be a hoax as well.  We know for sure are that Sombra is a real character in the Overwatch universe and she is rumored to be the next character released.  The rumors about Anna being the first new character were correct.  What we don’t know is what she looks like and her weapon and abilities.

I personally believe the screenshot is real and look forward to playing as Sombra and the new game mode.  Based on the Overwatch easter egg site amomentincrime.com we are at 85 percent which means we could have Sombra by mid-October.  

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