Shade, The Changing Girl Issue #1 is Strange and Wonderful

Shade, The Changing Girl is a revisit to the 90s classic Shade, the Changing Man.

The issue starts with a girl in a coma waking up and crazy things are happening around her.  Zoo animals like an elephant, a tiger and a giraffe appearing around her.  The doctors and nurses are freaking out with skeletons trying to console them.

Issue #1 is written by Cecil Castellucci and Gilbert Hernandez.  Hernandez and Marley Zarcone provided the pencils and ink.  The wonderful Laura Allred and Kelly Fitzpatrick provided the color.

Star of Shade, the Changing Man, Rac Shade’s Madness Jacket is held in a museum on planet Meta.  The jacket is able to warp reality.

Loma Shade is able to seduce and trick the museum guard to allow her to wear the jacket.  When she does she is transported to Earth and into the 16-year-old girl named Megan Boyer.

Shade is exploring Earth and discovering what it is like to be an Earth girl while also trying to control the Madness Jacket.  She has not received any training so she is struggling with it.  Her parents have spent all their money trying to keep her alive.  The parents had given up on their daughter ever waking up from the coma.  Her parents had even signed the papers to “pull the plug” on her.  Now they have to bring her home and deal with the fact that they almost killed their daughter.

In the issue we also get glimpses as to how Megan Boyer ended up in a coma and the repercussions of her waking up.

The art is an amazing blend bright vivid color and surrealism.  The Madness Jacket created bizarre backgrounds and the art team pushed it to the limit without going too busy with the art.  Allred’s fingerprints are all over the issue and I mean that in a good way.  As soon as I started the issue I knew an Allred was working on it.  shade-2

Shade, The Changing Girl Issue #1 is the perfect blend of weird but is not incoherent .  I love a good weird story and this is on a good path to scratch that itch.  

Shade, The Changing Girl is the second comic to come out of the DC imprint, Young Animals, following Doom Patrol

Don’t be the last person to read Shade, The Changing Girl in your group of friends so run out right now and grab this issue.

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