Now that The Flash has had its EPIC Season 3 Premiere, we learned that all is not well in Barry’s world–surprise, surprise. After watching the shenanigans all go down, we here at the Side Quest Bar decided we were going to need some help getting through what will likely be another amazing year of The Flash. You may recognized a couple of my That Hashtag Show cohorts in this week’s Side Quest video: Ernie and Daniel. They will be joining me for our new After Show The Flash Point, where we will be talking about all things The Flash as well as  helping you keep track of all the information in the crossovers that will be happening this season with Supergirl, Arrow, and DC Legends of Tomorrow!

And now, without further ado, we give you The Flame Footed Finale!

I cannot wait to see what happens on this season of The Flash! Check out new episodes every Tuesday on The CW at 8pm! And make sure to join us over at The Flash Point to continue the conversation! #FlashPointTHS

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