Last episode we saw Ash’s possessed car run over his dad Brock. We start off this episode with Ash mourning his dead father.  The car shows up, trapping Pablo inside along with the girl from the last episode. Ash comes to realize to his own horror that his car has been possessed.He recruits a very wasted Chet into helping him track the car down by telling him they are going to visit a local strip joint in town.

Kelly and Ruby head back to Ash’s trailer to grab some weapons to prepare for battle against Ruby’s children. Ruby explains the importance of making sure that their father Baal is not resurrected into their world. Apparently this would be very bad for everyone


Pablo is still stuck in the car as it drives madly to its next destination. That is when the Necronomicon on the back seat speaks to him about their connection. He ends up having another vision involving Ash. He wakes up just as Ash has caught up to them.

Just as Ash is about to pursue the possessed car father, Chet stops him, demanding the truth. When Ash reveals his mission, Chet agrees to help. However Ash tells him this is something he must do alone. Chet does help Ash figure out the car’s destination however. It is the Demolition Derby arena, where Ash’s father found the car in the first place.


Ash heads there to do battle with his possessed car. He injures the car, weakening it enough to free its prisoners. As Pablo and the girl escape, the Necronomicon attacks Pablo. Pablo is about to stab the book, killing it for good. It tells him however that there is another way. It tells him he can summon a portal to send the book back where it came from. I wouldn’t listen to anything an evil book tells me, but I am not Pablo.

Ash managed to finish the possessed car off, with the help of some encouraging words from his dead father. He opens the trunk, revealing a portal. They throw the book in. They then walk off, thinking that the evil has been finished off once and for all.


Kelly and Ruby go back to the factory where Ruby’s children reside. Using the Kandarian dagger, they manage to kill every last child. Ruby, through her connection to the book, realizes that it has been sent back to where it came. She seems relieved.

But at the end, we realize the evil has not been defeated. A demonic figure exits from the portal in the trunk of Ash’s car. Could this be Baal?

We shall find out next week as Ash’s crazy adventures continues!


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