Last episode we saw Ash’s car being stolen by a pair of young thugs. We start off this episode with a tribute to all the times Ash had with his beloved car. The thugs are currently using the car as a make out spot with their women. One of the women happen upon the Necronomicon hidden in the back. She reads from it, ends up possessed, and the car itself becomes evil.


Meanwhile Ash comes up with a plan to throw a party with booze and drugs as a way to try to lure the kids who stole his car there. He hooks up with an old friend named Chet to get his supplies. They decide to throw the party at a local dive bar. Ash discovers that his father Brock invited himself to enjoy the fun. Which Ash is not too happy about.

Ash’s evil car is having a sport of hunting the guys who stole it. It traps one of the girls inside and she helplessly has to watch as it kills both of the men. It then takes off, with her still inside.


Back at the bar, Ash and his father ends up having words. It ends up in a friendly competition as they both have their eyes on the same woman. The father wins her over in the end. He takes her to the bathroom to have his way with her when she looks back to Ash revealing that she is a deadite. Man, Brock really has a knack for picking up the wrong kind of women.

Pablo is still haunted by the visions he has been having. Kelly has a talk with him, telling him to face his demons. Just as he decides to do just that, Kelly decides to make the best of the situation by getting hammered. She goes outside where she ends up joined by Ruby. ¬†They decide to team up to kill Ruby’s children before they can lay their hands on the Necronomicon.

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 2016

Back in the bar, Ash is convinced he is not going to save his dad this time. With Pablo’s help however, Ash realizes what he has to do to show that he is the hero. He ends up saving his dad, making Brock realize that his son is not the monster everyone says he is. Just as Brock is about to tell Ash some important information, he is killed by Ash’s evil car.

So we got an evil car on the loose. Ruby and Kelly has gone off the reservation to take matters into their own hands. Things have gotten very interesting folks. Stay tuned next week for more gruesome adventures. RIP Brock Williams!


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