We start off today’s episode with Penguin celebrating his victory as the new mayor of Gotham. He is going around doing mayor things. He is holding a press conference that is interrupted by the Red Hood Gang. They destroy the statue he just erected of his mother. Which leads to Penguin wanting blood.

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Back at the GCPD, just as Barnes is about to launch the investigation into the Red Hood gang’s attack, Edward Nygma shows up and announced that he is overseeing the investigation. No one is happy about it but they see they have no choice in the matter. Nygma tries to throw his weight around, but Lee shows him that he is not the only one that has power on his side.


Speaking of Lee, she meets with Gordon to let him know she is announcing her engagement with Mario Falcone. Turns out Gordon has figured out that he is the son of Carmine. He reiterates that he is happy for her. Gordon is also continuing his fling with Valerie Vale. He makes it clear to Valerie that he does not want to mix business with pleasure.

Bruce Wayne stops by to meet with Gordon to get him to help find Ivy. He wants to do it to help Selina. Gordon quickly realizes Bruce’s motives for doing so, even though Bruce denies that he has feelings for Selina.


We find out that the Red Hood Gang is being led by none other than Butch, Penguin’s right hand man. He wants them to crash Penguin’s victory party. The whole reason he is setting this up is so that he can come in and save the day so that Penguin will see the extent of Butch’s loyalty to him. Yeah, he is really jealous of the close friendship between Penguin and Nygma.

Penguin, with the help of Nygma, has discovered the location of the Red Hood’s gang, leading to Butch having to take action sooner than planned. Just as Penguin arrives, Butch makes it seem like he eliminated the Red Hood Gang by himself. It would have worked too if not for Nygma being as meticulous as he is. This is where things get really interesting.


At the victory party, Nygma corners Butch to reveal he knows he was the mastermind behind the Red Hoods. He convinces Butch that he wants to take the Penguin out. Butch declines his request until Nygma reveals that he has kidnapped Butch’s crush Tabitha. He gives Butch a choice. Either Penguin dies or she dies. Butch reluctantly agrees. Nygma has one final request. He must wear the Red Hood mask when he makes his move.

It comes time for Penguin to make his speech. As he does so, Butch under the guise of the Red Hood goes to shoot the Penguin. The gun has blanks. That is when Nygma announces this was all a ruse to reveal Butch as the mastermind behind the Red Hood attacks. Penguin is understandingly furious over Butch’s betrayal. He calls for his arrest. Butch is not going to go down without a fight. He attacks Nygma and starts to choke the life out of him. Penguin knocks Butch over the head to save his friend.


Also at the party, Selina shows up. She runs into a red headed woman in a green dress who acts like she knows Selina. Selina is confused by the encounter. As she walks away, Bruce meets with her. He asks her to meet him privately. He reveals his feelings for her. Selina seems to blow him off but ends up kissing him. Bruce is confused by the situation while Selina seems pleased with herself.

You are probably wondering what has been going on with Commissioner Barnes since he has been infected by Alice’s blood. He seems his normal self so far. Butch meets with Lee to find out more information about Alice’s blood. We find out it takes time for the infection to have its effects. He starts out the episode using a crutch but by the end of the episode, to his surprise he is completely healed.  He closes his eyes enjoying the rush as the infection takes a greater hold on him.


Speaking of Alice, Jervis Tetch is not dealing well with the fact that she is gone. He has kidnapped a woman, getting her to play the part of Alice. He kills her, using her blood to sign Gordon’s name. Which means he is holding Gordon responsible for her death.

Next week, we will get to find out the next phase of Tetch’s plan.  Stay tuned to find out where the madness takes us next!

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