We begin this episode with a revelation. A revelation that was enough to make me groan. Penguin is having a nice meal when he reveals that he is in love. Instantly, I got a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. Who is he in love with, you ask? Edward Nygma. Yep. Cue my brain exploding.

I can accept Penguin and Riddler being close friends and associates. I see nothing wrong with that. But lovers? Gotham has pulled some insane stunts before. This one takes the cake. Even when Penguin goes to confront Nygma to admit his feelings, you can feel the discomfort flowing between them. Penguin backs out from telling Nygma from telling him how he feels. Dragging this already uncomfortable situation out even more.


Thankfully, we had the distraction of Jervis Tetch commencing his revenge against Jim Gordon. He first makes Gordon choose between saving a recently married couple from jumping to their death or saving a kid from being run over by a truck. He chooses the kid. We then see the married couple leap to their death. No, leap is not the right way to describe it. They catapulted to their death.

It is then that Tetch arranges Gordon to meet him at an abandoned location for the next part of his plan. Gordon receives a call from Tetch as soon as he arrives there. Gordon decides to mess with Tetch, only to have Tetch reveal that Gordon’s current girl Valerie Vale is being kidnapped.


Gordon goes to visit Barbara Deane at her club to find out if she had told Tetch anything. She reveals that she had told Tetch everything, including about Lee. He storms out of the club, calling Lee. Tetch answers instead of Lee, saying that he has her. He is going to make Gordon choose who he loves more. He gives Gordon a riddle that will help him discover where he holding Lee and Valerie.

Let us check in on Penguin. He is currently visiting a group of kids. It is there that he invites Nygma to dinner so he can tell him about his feelings. Nygma accepts his offer.


Gordon goes to the GCPD to get help with his riddle. ¬†One of the prisoners holds the answer, giving him the address of where he is to go. On his way out, he is confronted by Lee’s fiancee Mario Falcone. He blames Gordon for Lee being kidnapped. Gordon ends up enlisting his help.

Gordon heads to the location that Tetch pointed him too. When he arrives he has to make another choice. There are two people hooked up to an electric chair. He must either choose to shoot them or watch as they are electrified. With the help of his fellow officers, he tries to disarm the electricity. Once Tetch realizes what Gordon is doing, he activates the electric chair. Then invites Gordon to his tea party.


At the tea party, Tetch attempts to get Gordon to reveal who he loves more. When Gordon refuses to play along, Tetch decided to make Gordon choose who he loves less. ¬†Gordon decides to goad Tetch into shooting him. It almost works until Tetch regains his senses. Then Mario shows up, thinking he has the drop on Tetch. But he reveals that Mario’s gun in empty. He has Mario escorted away as he forces Gordon to choose. Will it be Valerie or Lee? Gordon, seeing he has no choice, chooses Lee. Tetch shoots Valerie instead. He makes his getaway as Gordon and Lee tend to her wounds.

Nygma is out choosing which wine to go with his dinner with Penguin. He meets a woman that he mistakes for Ms Pringle, his dead ex.. She claims that he is mistaken. He almost believes her until she tells him a riddle. Not sure where this is going, but it does not bode well for the budding romance between Nygma and Penguin. Speaking of Penguin, he admits to an empty room that he loves Nygma. He also seems a bit worked up that Nygma has not arrived yet.

gotham-306_scn39_jm01071_hires1-615x411We end the episode on that note. Is the bromance in jeopardy between Penguin and Nygma? Is this what causes the strife that causes them to go from the best of friends to enemies? What does Jervis have in store next? When will Barnes go completely insane? Stay tuned next week to see what happens next!


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