For those of you like me who was wanting to see the scenes that cut from Suicide Squad, such as the ones that feature more of the Joker, our wish got granted.

In a short trailer, it was announced we will be getting an extended cut of Suicide Squad. The exact content has not been revealed yet, but I am sure we will see the scenes of Jared Leto’s Joker that got cut. Maybe we will see more of the original stuff that got filmed before they decided to do the re-shoots.


Just as I felt about Batman V Superman, I was in the middle with how I felt about this film. I didn’t exactly love it. I didn’t hate it either. However once I saw the ultimate cut of Batman V Superman, it made more coherent sense. Still did not change my opinion of the film. I expect it will be the same once I see the extended cut of Suicide Squad. I am just happy that we will get to see the stuff that got cut.

At the end of the trailer, we do see a clip of one of the extra scenes. It is of Harley Quinn in a scene that seems to take place before her transformation, with a voice-over from Will Smith’s Deadshot saying “Stay evil doll face.”


Suicide Squad Extended Cut will be released on digital video on 11/15 and on Blu Ray on 12/13. Note it says Blu Ray only, so no word if we will get a DVD release.

Check out the announcement trailer below!

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