Here is a Top 10 list of the best Jedi of all time by OctopussSevenTwo.


This list is built on 5 criteria:

-Force aptitude/power

-Lightsaber prowess



-Additional skills

This list only has Jedi that have STAYED Jedi…. so obviously Anakin will not be on here. (so you know)

One more thing…. this is all based off of the extended universe before Disney took over. (Movies, books, games, ect.)

Even if they are now non-canon, they were still Bad Ass! Lets begin!

Honorable Mention: Ganner Rhysode

Honorable Mention: Ganner Rhysode

Trained under Luke Skywalker’s New Jedi Order, Ganner was a skilled and powerful Jedi in his own right. Noted by one Jedi Master as being the ‘telekinesis champ’ of his generation, he quickly rose to the cream of the crop in a grouping that included Luke’s own niece and nephew’s.

Ganner met his end in the most heroic way possible after all. Jacen Solo (yes, son of Leia and Han) had been captured on Coruscant. After a daring rescue attempt and capture of his own, Jacen and Ganner fled, hoping to corrupt the World Brain and stop the terraforming. He stood alone as the Vong came, one man against armies. Drawing on the Force he began to cut them down. Single combat at first. Then handfuls. Dozens turned into hundreds. Hundreds piled into Thousands. And all the while at the center was Ganner Rhysode, having attained complete Oneness with the Force itself, glowing as he cut them down. Each minor wound and poisonous cut took its toll, but he never stopped. And when finally their beasts came in he used his telekinetic gifts to bring the entire Senate dome down on them and himself.

Honorable Mention: Satele Shan

Some 3500+ years before the main story as we know it, Satele Shan was the Grand Master of the Jedi Order. Descending from an already powerful bloodline thanks to the union of Revan and Bastilla Shan many years before, she was seemingly born to greatness and possibly the single biggest factor in protecting the Jedi during a new war with the Sith.

She was known almost all her life for her gift of foresight, able to predict the return of the Sith to their homeworld after years banished. Part of her election to Grand Master was the Jedi Order’s belief in her power so deeply, that they believed the future could be changed simply by her predictions on the matter. Additionally she was an accomplished sword-master, able to effortlessly wield single and dual blades alike.

During a time of immense strife and danger, Satele Shan ultimately ensured the survival of the Old Republic and the Jedi themselves for many more millennia to come.

Ten: Arca Jeth

Ten: Arca Jeth

An Arkanian Jedi of lore, Master Jeth lived in an earlier time of the Republic’s history, during the time of Exar Kun (he of extreme fame and renowned as probably one of the three strongest Stih ever and first true user of the badass double lightsaber).

He came to legendary prowess with a lightsaber himself during the Hyabb-Twith affair, and many even amongst the Sith were loathe to face him in combat during his time. And though for years after he would carry his blade and wield it with tremendous proficiency, his true greatness lay within his powerful connection to the Force.

He could also recognize the Dark Side with far greater clarity than most Jedi and indeed pierce the veil of darkness that would often leave the Order blind to the Sith’s actions many years later when it ultimately fell. In the end Master Jeth attained oneness with the Force and became able to interact with the world as a Force-ghost, a skill that would aid the Jedi even after his death thru his guidance and wisdom beyond the living world.

Nine: Lord Hoth

Nine: Lord Hoth

So named after gaining the moniker as ‘the Knight of Hoth’ after defeating Sith marauders as a teen on the ice world, Lord Hoth lived and died during the last great war between Jedi and Sith before the thousand year peace of the Republic.

Battlemaster of the Order at a young age, and ultimately Supreme Commander of the Republic Army, Hoth was a military leader like few others even in Jedi lore. His martial prowess led the Army of Light to Ruusan to fight a two year campaign that culminated in the destruction of all but two Sith, one of whom was Darth Bane who instituted the famous Rule of Two shortly thereafter.

Ultimately Hoth met his end during the seventh and final battle of Ruusan. Lord Kaan, leader of the Sith, in a desperate attempt to destroy the Jedi, unleashed a dangerous power known as the Thought Bomb in order to snatch victory from the Republic. Hoth knew he was likely to die and still went to meet Kaan in battle, ensuring that the Brotherhood of Darkness was brought down by its own power and essentially destroyed the Sith for a millennia to come.

Eight: Vodo-Siosk Baas

Eight: Vodo-Siosk Baas

A Krevaaki Jedi of great renowned who lived in the time of master Arca Jeth from earlier, Master Baas was considered one of the wisest and most powerful Jedi of his or any time. An accomplished warrior, true historian and expert in lore, Master Baas was also the foremost lightsaber craftsmith of the Order.

He created many of the Order’s Holocrons (small, often oddly shaped receptacles of knowledge used by Sith and Jedi alike) due to his prowess as a historian when it came to the Order, the Sith and the Republic itself. Indeed much of the Jedi Archives preserved knowledge is owed to him.

When it came time to an apprentice to forge their first lightsaber, many masters humbly declined the privilege of aiding their Padawan’s themselves, instead encouraging they seek out Master Baas’ guidance when the time came. Ironically while he was the foremost master on lightsaber construction and combat itself, Master Baas rarely used one himself. Instead using his immense connection to the Force he was able to imbune his walking cane with power, such that it could withstand lightsaber combat and smash stone to bits. This became his weapon at any time.

In the end his most infamous student, Exar Kun, was able to defeat his master in the Senate Hall (predictive perhaps of the battle Yoda and Sidious would have their many thousands of years later.) and slew him while the other Jedi and Senators looked on helplessly. He too would pass into the Force, attaining oneness and aiding Luke Skywalker when Kun’s spirit returned to threaten his new Academy many millennia later.

Seven: Obi-Wan Kenobi

Seven: Obi-Wan Kenobi

The Negotiator, General Kenobi is well known by even the most casual Star Wars fan. A legendary warrior and ambassador in his own time, Kenobi played an integral role in the campaign known as the Clone Wars and indeed was an instrumental piece in the ultimate fate of the Jedi and the Galaxy itself.

An expert pilot who hated to fly, an incredible warrior who hated to fight and a peerless negotiator, Obi-Wan embodied the truest ideals of a Jedi throughout his life. He led dozens and dozens of campaigns during the War, some to retake fallen systems and some to hold them. But always the Order had confidence wherever Kenobi went, victory could be attained.

The first Jedi in a thousand years to kill a Sith, all while still a Padawan, Kenobi was lauded as THE preeminent master of third form of lightsaber combat, perhaps in all the Order’s history. Form III encapsulated Obi-Wan to a tee. Giving ground but never surrendering, not fighting to dominate, fighting to protect. An impenetrable defense, and a shield for the Jedi and Republic itself.

Though never having close to the raw power of his most infamous apprentice, Anakin Skywalker, Kenobi was in his own right a very powerful Force user. Able to match the then Sith Lord in telekinetic prowess, as well as a natural affinity at both reading the thoughts and emotions of others, while also highly adept at the Mind Trick technique because of it.

Obi-Wan’s legacy is mixed and complicated, one even he looked back on in shame for many years. But in the end his guidance led to a true balance being brought to the Force not once, but twice, thru his student Anakin, and later his son Luke.

Six: Jaina Solo-Fel

Six: Jaina Solo-Fel

Daughter of Han and Leia, and a twin in her own right, Jaina Solo was born some years after the defeat of the Empire at the hands of the Rebellion. Even as an infant her uncle Luke could sense the enormous Force potential within her and her brother Jacen.

Indeed much like Luke and her grandfather Anakin before her, Jaina was a brilliant pilot and mechanic. The envy of even veteran combatants like Wedge Antilles who admitted her superior fighter pilot skills when she had twice as many kills as he did when he was her age.

The war with the Yuuzhan Vong took its toll on the galaxy and Jedi alike, but Jaina was hit hardest in many ways. She and Jacen lost their youngest brother Anakin and after Jacen’s capture, torture and being cut off from the Force, she feared him dead for a time. And in the end the traumatic events at the hands of the Vong would ultimately lead Jacen down the path of the Dark Side to become a Sith Lord himself.

Her uncle Luke named her the Sword of the Jedi, in part due to her combat prowess but mainly for her selfless devotion to the Order, the galaxy and to her friends and loved ones far beyond any personal desires. Perhaps this is best reflected in the final battle with her brother, now Darth Cadeus. Luke’s own wife Mara had been slain by Jacen and he went to face him in combat. His hatred almost overwhelmed him to slaying Jacen under the influence of the dark side but he stopped himself, knowing that he and his son Ben (yes, Luke had the son named Ben, which makes more sense honestly), who was looking on could never come back from this action.

In the end the task of defeating Jacen fell to his twin sister, who despite her love for him still set aside personal pain and strife to meet him in combat. Even seeking out Boba Fett to help train her in hand to hand combat prior to their fight because she knew despite a comparable power and skill with a blade to her brother, she would ultimately need an edge to take him down.

Despite a grievous and emotional battle, Jaina triumphed and was able to save the galaxy from the scourge her brother was attempting to bring about. She would later marry and continue to serve the Order as a Jedi Master.

Five: Mace Windu

Five: Mace Windu

Master of the Order in the waning days of the Republic, (not to be confused with Grand Master), Mace Windu was the second most powerful Jedi of his time. A guarded, somewhat combative personality, Windu was regardless highly respected by his contemporaries as one of the preeminent Jedi of his or any time.

Perhaps most well known for his lightsaber combat prowess, Mace was second to none except maybe Yoda in battle. Creating the Seventh Form of Lightsaber combat, and indeed the only one to attain true mastery of the art, Windu was able to channel his own weakness of loving to fight from a path to the Dark Side, into a weapon of the Light. He was able to create a sort of loop whereby he could not only channel his own darkness, but redirect the darkness of others back on them in a flurry of strikes and parries that any onlooker would mistake his speed for having several dozen arms and blades. So accomplished was he that Windu could even best arguably the most powerful Sith Lord of all time, Darth Sidious, in a duel.

In the end though he was able to perceive Anakin Skywalker as perhaps the ultimate Shatterpoint, his own love of the Republic and justice, coupled with years of antagonistic nature towards the young Jedi, blinded him to the truth of Anakin’s motives before he was betrayed.

Four: Thon

Four: Thon

Master Thon was a powerful and legendary Tchuukthai Jedi during the time of the Old Sith Wars, often considered in Jedi histories as one of the three greatest of their Order in its entire history. Possessing immense natural strength and armor, Thon could easily bear riders into battle as well as protect them.

Before becoming a Jedi, Thon knew many powers of the Force that his contemporaries did not. In fact when he became a Master, he knew a myriad of skills they had no idea even existed. He would help impart some of this knowledge onto his apprentice, who in turn would become one of the most important Jedi ever.

His raw and unparalleled focus at using the Light side of the Force was such that he could drive away long seeded sith spirits and worlds seeped in dark side energy. It was even said he could create light itself from the Force, such was his deep connection to it.

Three: Nomi Sunrider

Three: Nomi Sunrider

Grand Master of the Jedi Order and a legendary figure in the history of the galaxy, Nomi Sunrider was one of the strongest Jedi who ever lived. A veritable well of light herself, she lived during the Great Sith War and face untold emotional turmoil. Losing her husband, training as a Jedi while in hiding with her infant daughter, Nomi would become a renowned war hero.

Her Force power was immense, equaling or perhaps even surpassing Anakin Skywalker in pure power itself. After her husband died, she loathed lightsaber combat but would eventually overcome this to be a fine swordmaster.

Most impressive of all was her ability to completely and utterly sever a Sith’s connection to the Force. After Ulic Quel-Droma fell to the dark side and waged was with Exar Kun on the galaxy, he slew his brother Cay in combat. Nomi, previously a close friend of the brothers was overcome by what Ulic had done and focused her entire light side energy into forever cutting Ulic off from the Force. When Kun died, it was she who was chosen to control and direct the Wall of Light created by thousands of Jedi to suppress his spirit from returning, despite her own Master Thon’s prowess in such a skill.

She would go on to help rebuild the Republic and the Jedi Order as its Grand Master after the devastation of the war and leave behind a legacy of light and peace, continued on by her daughter Vima.

Two: Yoda

Two: Yoda

Arguably the most famous and long lived of all the Grand Master’s in the Order’s history, Yoda guided the Jedi for centuries. An immovable force for the light side, he would train thousands of students in his time.

Yoda, despite his diminutive size, was an incredible combatant with a lightsaber. The foremost master of Form IV, it allowed him to compensate for his stature and indeed there was no swordmaster more revered during his long life than he. Able to fight on an even level with Darth Sidious and many other accomplished duelists of the time like Mace Windu and Dooku.

When it came to the Force itself, Yoda was a fixed point, a centerpoint of light. Such was his dedication to the Order and to the Jedi’s selfless ways that Dooku was struck with immovable fear during one incredibly brief moment where a thought pierced his attempt to lure Yoda down his path, that if Yoda were to ever fall to the dark side, Sidious himself would be wiped out entirely and the galaxy soon with it. His own Force powers in rare arts like Battle Meditation, Force Valor and others made him an incredible asset on the battlefield.

Though he was forced into shame and exile at the fall of the Jedi Order, Yoda indeed left his mark on history. And with the help of his last apprentice, Luke Skywalker, the galaxy was saved once more from the scourge of the Sith and Yoda joined venerable masters before him in the netherworld of the Force.

One: Luke Skywalker

One: Luke Skywalker

Born of the Chosen One, Anakin Skywalker and possessing the Force potential to BE the same Chosen One as his father before him, Luke tops the list of Jedi and deservedly so. The hero of the rebellion and bringer of balance to the Force once more, Luke would go on to have a long and legendary life far beyond the known story.

He would rebuild the Jedi Order and guide it thru some of the toughest times in galactic history. When the Yuuzhan Vong threatened to wipe out the Jedi and take over for themselves, it was Luke’s unwavering leadership that ultimately allowed them to triumph. He trained many Jedi to mastership under his time as Grand Master of the Order and indeed was integral in establishing what would be the New Republic after the Empire.

Luke was unparalleled as a duelist, able to best Sith and Jedi alike in his prowess. Adept with one blade or two, there was no one more feared with a blade in his time. Beyond even that he possessed remarkable Force power of his own. On no less than three occasions, Skywalker was able to draw on the Force so strongly that he attained a state of Oneness, becoming a blinding pillar of light, a cup without bottom. Defeating long dead Sith spirits and modern Lords, Luke also was able to best the being Abeloth, a primal Force entity of such strength and renown that she was considered the Bringer of Destruction and a God-like figure.

He learned, created and mastered many traditional Force powers such as the ability to completely shut his presence down in the Force or create a green lightening strike that could kill an opponent in one hit with almost no pain. For a time he walked the path his nephew Jacen walked in an attempt to find out what led him to fall to the Dark Side. He leaned many esoteric Force powers from other beings and groups not affiliated with the Jedi, such as the ability to flow walk thru time, teleport objects across space and regulate his own electrical output in his body.

Long after his heroics at the Death Star, Luke maintained his incredible piloting skills and mechanical prowess, and his deeds reconstructing the Order and leading it thru some of the most trying times in their history puts him squarely ahead in Legend.



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