The Lost Boys #1 and 2


Art by:  Scott Godlewski

Cover by:  Tony Harris

Variant cover by:  Joëlle Jones

Written by:  Tim Seeley

Release:  Oct. 12, 2016

Issue:  1 & 2

Review by: A.D. Marrero

The vamps are back in town and these ones, don’t sparkle.  Our favorite fang flick from the eighties has a new sequel that doesn’t suck (well it does, but in a good way).  Following right after the events of the original movie we find Mike and Same struggling to go back to a “normal life”.  But how can anyone go back to a normal life when knowing that the things that go bump in the night aren’t just fairy tales.


If you’re wondering about your favorite vampire hunters, The Frog Brothers, well you’re in luck.  Edgar and Allen Frog have one mission: “kill all suck heads!”  Now that they are being trained by an experienced vampire hunter they’ll have the skills necessary for what’s coming to their little town.  If you thought they barely survived their first adventure, well then, they’re in for one hell of supernatural battle this time.  Find out what the “Lost City of Vampires” is in this awesome comic book sequel of “The Lost Boys”.

aodhs01covseeleyTim Seely writer and creator of “Hack n Slash” is back and better than ever.  Tim Seely alongside Scott Godlewski expand the universe of The Lost Boys in ways that open up all possibilities.  If you haven’t read Tim’s work I would suggest you check out the book “Army of Darkness VS Hack/Slash” where he captured Ash Williams character from the “Evil Dead Series” perfectly.  Scott Godlewski brings art that will keep you at the edge of your seat while bringing on the feeling of nostalgia of the epic horror era of the eighties.


Be sure to pick up this horror gem from Vertigo Comics.  Find out who joins the fight from the original flick that you would not expect in issue 2.

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