Credit: 20th Century Fox
Credit: 20th Century Fox
Credit: 20th Century Fox

We keep getting new images from 20th Century Fox for the upcoming Logan film.

In the image that was posted today, we get a close up of a certain Reaver’s hand. Pierce, played by Boyd Holbrook, is the leader of the Reavers sent to hunt down Logan and he is definitely flaunting his cyborg hand. I wonder if it’ll do him any good while he is on the hunt. We’ll find out in the film, won’t we?

The official synopsis for the film is as follows:

In 2024, mutant births are severely in decline, and people aren’t sure why. A government-type operation is turning mutant children into killing machines. From this, Logan emerges as a mentor to a mutant girl, who has two claws instead of his three.

via 20th Century Fox

All updates continue to be made on the official Instagram account, which you can access here. If you want to stay updated on what’s happening with the film, just follow them. If not, watch out for articles like this one. We’ll keep you posted.

Logan will be coming to theaters on March 3, 2017. Mark your calendars! It’s going to be a wild swansong this time around.

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