I ended up busy and was not able to recap Episode 9 of Gotham. I can provide a short synopsis however. Captain Barnes ended up being captured. He currently resides in Arkham Asylum. Nygma discovers Miss Kringle ver 2 was murdered. He places the blame on Butch since that was the last person who had it out for him. Ivy revealed herself to Bruce and Selina. She stole a necklace that ended up containing a key. That is pretty much the episode in a nutshell


We start off this episode with Lee and Mario having a private dinner to celebrate their upcoming marriage. They go to leave, only to have their car blow up.

James Gordon finds out about the attempted hit at the GCPD. He talks to Carmine Falcone. He assumes Carmine is the target of the attack. However, when he stops a near attempt at Mario Falcone’s life at the hospital, he figures out the the son is the target.

GOTHAM: Guest star James Carpinello in the “Mad City: Time Bomb” episode of GOTHAM airing Monday, Nov. 21 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Cr: FOX.

Penguin is having a business meeting. Barbara Keane interrupts the meeting. She reveals that Butch and Tabby are missing. Barbara thinks that Penguin is to blame. She makes the wrong decision to hold him at gunpoint, but Penguin insists he knows nothing.  He decides to let her go. Though he makes no promises if she decided to threaten him again.

Bruce and Tabby are prisoners of  Nygma. He has Bruce hooked up to an electroshock therapy device. He tries to use it to get Butch to confess to the murder of Miss Kringle ver 2.  Even after several times of being shock, Butch still denies having anything to do with her death.


At Wayne Manor, Bruce is trying to figure out the mystery of the key. He is also not happy that Selina is refusing the acknowledge their relationship. Meanwhile, Alfred checks on Ivy. She uses her unique cologne to have Alfred to give her access so she can go outside the mansion. This leads to her instantly being captured by the mysterious group who is also seeking the key. With Selina’s help, he discovers the key has something to do with the Court of Owls.

Mario decided to confront the people who are trying to kill him. With Gordon’s help, he is able to hold him off. Gordon arrests one of them. Carmine meets them at the GCPD. He seems to have his suspicions as to who might be responsible. After using some unorthodox methods, he discovers the Court of Owls is the ones behind the attempts on his son’s life. He meets with the lady who leads them. She is undeterred by his threats while also implying they are not completely responsible for the attacks. But she will not reveal anymore.


Speaking of the Court of Owls, Bruce, Selina, and Alfred meet with the mysterious group to trade Ivy for the key. He refuses to give up the key however. He thinks that the group works for the Court of Owls. The group tells Bruce they are the Whisper Gang. They reveal the key unlocks a way to defeat the Court of Owls. They decide to form alliance. The alliance is shortlived when two of its main members are taken out by a Talon.

After realizing that Bruce is not going to give him a confession, Nygma decided to take drastic measures. He puts Tabby’s hand in a mini guillotine. If she presses the button to electocute Butch to death, she will escape unscathed. If she doesn’t, then she loses her hand. Butch pleads with Nygma to no unavail. Tabby tells Butch that she does not love her. Butch tells her that does not matter. He tells her he loves her anyway. After that heartfelt moment, Tabby is unable to push the button to send Butch to his death. The guillotine springs, chopping her hand clean off.


At that moment, Nygma realizes that Butch has been telling the truth this whole time. Shaken, Nygma runs off. Barbara finds them at the nick of time. She takes them to the hospital. At the hospital, she talks to Butch about Nygma blaming the wrong person for the death of Miss Kringle ver 2. Due to earlier conversation with Penguin’s maid. she figures out the Penguin is responsible. She recruits Bruce in the ultimate plan of revenge.

Lee meets with Gordon, giving him a final chance to reveal his feelings to her. He instead tells her he rather see her happy. They both get the closure they need by parting with a final kiss. Mario Falcone is spying on Gordon’s apartment however. As he watches them, a voice speaks inside of him, telling him that Gordon still loves her. Mario attacks random muggers as we see that he has been infected by Alice’s blood madness.


Next week, we might see a fallout of epic proportions as a it looks like war. Stay tuned!

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