What a amazing issue! Going into this comic, I had no idea who Violet Paige aka Mother Panic was. In fact, I still don’t. Which is a good thing. This comic gives you enough information to string you along into a rabbit hole you’re happy to be in. It seems Mother Panic is tied into the Bat Family somehow, which is a big deal. Especially since Batman does make a cameo. Our antagonist, Gala, uses her artistic mind to create her art pieces in a most torturous way. One of her pieces has been seen by unintentional eyes during a make out session with his boss. Now, he running for his life and is saved by Mother Panic. We also tap into Violet’s past. Her father is dead while her mother is alive AND KNOWS WHAT SHE’S UP TO AS MOTHER PANIC!  Which has also been confirmed, via interviews by Jody Houser, that Mother Panic is NOT an orphan. Surprised?! That’s every story of any Bat Family Member… Then again, Tim Drake had parent but not the point.

I’ve been following Jody Houser for some time. Back when she released a PSA comic for Marvel and did a single story for Vertigo Quarterly. So seeing her name on this comic is what drew me to read it. If you haven’t read her Orphan Black Mini Series by IDW, do it!


  • Art: 9 – Tommy Lee Edwards wastes no space with every page and is consistent
  • Story: 9 – This is a first issue is Houser at her best
  • Action: 10 – you have murder, bat family, and mystery… What more do you need!


Overall: 9.3

Final Thought: PICK UP THIS COMIC!

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