Disney’s new movie Moana, is new, refreshing, and an enlightening film for all ages.

(Spoilers ahead!)

The movie follows Moana, a girl from the island of Motonui, who is being groomed for her place as the new chief. Yet, despite having her life lined up for her, she hears the calling for something else. The ocean calls for her, to be a voyager, like her ancestors once were. Her father pleads her against it, but Moana takes off beyond her island and reef, with a mission at hand too. To save the her island from the darkness by returning the heart of the main island back with the help of the demi-god who took it, Maui.
There are so many things I love about Moana:
1) She is a strong, female, independent princess. Not your damsel-in-distress.
2) She looks “normal,” and real, unlike past princesses that have abnormally tiny waists and perfect smooth hair. Moana is more full-figured, and has wavy hair that she even puts up in a bun when the going gets tough, like most us girls!
3) There is no love interest! Finally, Disney has pushed past the prince and marriage concept and it is not even remotely mentioned in Moana.
4) She is driven! Moana has her goals and sets out to complete them. She knows what she wants and although she questions her destiny at first, she finds the true call within herself and sets out to accomplish her mission.
5) Realistic parents. The dad is overprotective, the mother helps Moana pack. Again, very realistic and both parents in the movie in the beginning and end is also a rare Disney sight.
There is so much more I loved about Moana. Her animal sidekicks; the comedy relief by Moana and Maui; the development of character for Moana (she becomes stronger and more confident) and Maui (he becomes humble and less egotistical); the beautiful animations of the ocean, winds, and islands; the choices of villains; and the soundtrack!
The soundtrack for Moana, I promise you, will be the new Frozen. The songs are very catchy, from your typical belting out tunes that every princess has, to a very catchy song by Maui, to Hamilton himself (Lin Manuel Miranda) rapping.
Bonus: The short “Inner Workings” before Moana is gold too.
You must absolutely grab your family and watch Moana this Thanksgiving week! Be warned, you will be humming the songs for long to come afterwards too. YOU’RE WELCOME!

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