Qui-Gon Jinn was one of the finest swordsman in the Jedi Order, he had frequent sparring practice and experience with the most talented duelists such as: his mentor, Count Dooku, Mace Windu, the creator of Vaapad which harnessed darkisde and lightside energies, Master Yoda, and Jedi Weapon Master Anoon Bondara. Jinn was a master of the fourth form of lightsaber combat, Ataru. The same form Yoda used and focused highly on aggressive acrobat maneuvers. In combat, his bladework was wide and powerful, marked by heavy, two-handed strikes, followed by a quick parry to cover his vulnerable spots. Despite the form’s weakness to blaster fire, Jinn’s mastery of Ataru was so good that he could easily defeat blaster-wielding opponents. –¬†Star Wars Theory

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