To think this show seemed dead as a doornail! For those that don’t know, Vertigo Comics’ Y: The last Man is a comic book about, you guessed it, the last man on earth. Sounds like paradise to any guy, doesn’t it? WRONG! In this dystopian future where all male mammals simultaneously dead other than Yorick Brown and he’s pet monkey, the Amazonian Woman rule and would murder any sight of man.

None the less, FX’s Y: The Last Man, according to, will not only be co-written by creator Brian K Vaughan but has¬†Michael Green as there show runner. Should we be nervous since the last comic book project he screen wrote was for 2011 Green Lantern. Possibly… but Green is also fresh off of Starz¬†American Gods and had his hands in the upcoming Logan, Aliens: Covenant, and Blade Runner 2049 movie. We’ll just have to wait and see!

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