Blacksad: Amarillo follows John Blacksad on a trip from New Orleans to Amarillo, Texas.

That’s right I had so much fun reading the last Blacksad book I bought another.  This book is written and drawn by the same team as before, Juan Diaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido respectively and published by Dark Horse Comics.

The story in this volume picks up right where the previous volume [Blacksad: A Silent Hell] left off.  Blacksad is in New Orleans dropping off his partner Weekly at the airport.  He is going to stay in New Orleans and pick some work down there.  As soon as Blacksad leaves the airport he gets a job driving a stranger’s car to Amarillo while the stranger takes a plane there.

Two writers and friends Chad the novelist and Abraham the poet go on a road trip.  They eventually cross paths with Blacksad and steal the car he was transporting.  From this point on Blacksad is on a mission to find the car and more importantly the pair of thieves.

The art and writing are at the same amazing level they have been in other volumes.  It was nice to see a change in scenery however.  Desolate cities and landscapes replace the crowded city streets.

Canales did another fantastic job of personifying the characters.  I have come to really enjoy seeing these animals as human but also as the animal they are portrayed by.  At one point Blacksad begins traveling with a hyena.  The laughing hyena laughs very loudly and often.

My likes are the same as last time.  I really enjoyed the noir story and the nuances of the characters which were written and drawn very well.  I felt like I could really identify with the characters and could feel their feelings.  

When a character found themselves in a difficult situation I couldn’t help but to root for them or against them.  It is hard to get someone to care about a character in a 300 page book, but Canales and Guarnido did it in a 72-page comic.

This leads into my same complaint as last time.  The books are just too short and expensive.  A 72-page comic should not be $10.99.  I really enjoyed the comic, but that is just too expensive for such a small volume.

With me finishing this volume I have finished all five of the Blacksad books.  

This volume in my opinion is the weakest of the series but still really good.  Buy these books at a reduced price, but do buy them.  

If you are in the same boat as me and need more noir crime comics I highly recommend Criminal by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips.  That series is amazing but sorry no talking animals in that one.


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