doc-strange-coverDoctor Strange Vol. 1: The Way of The Weird gives the reader a glimpse of what it is like to be the Sorcerer Supreme.

I must confess to this being my first solo Doctor Strange comic.  It would be hard for me to say whether this is the best Doctor Strange story or the worst.  Most of the times I see Strange he is in someone else’s comic.

Jason Aaron wrote the comic and it was drawn by Chris Bachalo starting in 2015 and is still ongoing.  I can’t decide whether I like Bachalo’s art or not.  All the characters look very similar to each other and could all be brother and sister.

On the other hand his art is distinct.  I could easily pick out Bachalo art in a lineup.  I like how he is drawing his way and not copying other people’s style.

The comic starts with Strange performing a house call and removing a nomadic tribe of soul-eaters who had been living in a young boy.  As the comic progresses we are introduced to the Empirikul.  This group are hunting down all magic across all dimensions.  

Strange is able to discover what the Empirikul are and what they are doing.  He gathers the greatest and last magic users he can find to prepare for battle.  To make things even more difficult Strange’s spells begin to fail as the Empirikul slowly start destroying more magic.

An Example Of A Wordy Page
An Example Of A Wordy Page

Some of the areas which I didn’t like about the comic was how many words were on each page.  This comic took me twice as long as it would to read another comic of the same length because Aaron wrote a lot of words on each page.  Many of the words seem unnecessary.

What I loved about the comic is how dire the threat is.  Some comic’s heroes fight a criminal who is tough but if they fail the X-Men or Avengers will defeat them.  However, if Strange doesn’t defeat the Empirikul all magic will die and who knows what that will bring.

I also enjoyed the humor in the comic.  Doctor Strange is typically very serious in the comics I’ve seen him in.  In this comic he is funny and the situations he finds himself in have a great deal of humor as well.  Early in the comic when Strange gets rid of the tribe of soul-eaters Strange starts making out with the leader.  Back in reality however he is making out with thin air as the boy’s parents look on.

Throughout the volume the reader learns a little more about Strange.  We learn about his very particular diet needs and the cost of using magic on him.  Strange is really kinda cursed by being the Sorcerer Supreme and I never really thought of it like that so I liked that extra touch.

Doctor Strange Vol. 1: The Way of The Weird is an excellent first read for those who know nothing about Doctor Strange and have not seen the movie but want to know if the character is for them.  It is an even better choice for those who loved the movie and want more Doctor Strange as this story could easily be set a few years after the movie.

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