This is why Star Wars fans need to be excited about ROGUE ONE!!! As our pal DASH STAR explains, this is the set up to the original trilogy that started it all. Find out which major original characters will make an appearance and how the final scene is directly related to A NEW HOPE.

Rogue One is almost here and spoilers are starting to get out. We got our hands on a few and keeping with the spirit of the holidays, we’ve decided to share these as our gift to you. Watch on for Major Rogue one spoilers.

We’ve known for a while now that Bail Organa would most likely be making an appearance in the film and recently we’ve gotten images of Jimmy Smits on set. We now know that he is the one responsible for sending Leia to meet with Obi Wan.

The film is going to end leading into Episode 4, we’ve been told that Princess Leia will be getting the same CGI treatment that’s bringing back Grand Moff Tarkin. The scene she’ll be appearing in will be her, R2D2, and C3P0 being sent to Tatooine to find Obi-Wan.

The final shot of the film is Darth Vader on a Star Destroyer chasing after the Tantive 4 and Tatooine appearing in the background.

What do you guys think?  Thanks for watching!

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