Art by:  Stephen Byrne

Cover by:  Karl Kerschl

Written by:  Tom Taylor

Release:  Jan 11, 2017

Issue:  #1

Review by: A.D. Marrero

Hashtag Rating: 7/10

The crossover event of the year has begun.  The Mighty Morphin Power Ranger come face to face with The Justice League for the first time in history.  DC’s Tom Taylor and Stephen Byrne bring you a comic that we thought would never happen.

“Two of comics greatest teams team up for the very first time! Something terrible has happened in Angel Grove! When the Command Center is breached and the teleporters are damaged, Zack is flung into another universe, where he’s mistaken for a villain by a mysterious masked vigilante. Can the other Power Rangers get to their friend in time to save him from Batman? Co-published with BOOM! Studios.”


Tom Taylor writes a story where the stakes are raised and two universes are on the brim of destruction.  The only spoiler I’ll put out there is that the story starts off like a Tarantino movie; by showing us a massive crater that was once the city of Angel Grove.

Stephen Byrne’s art makes you feel nostalgia from the 90’s.  Characters are drawn in a serious yet playful manner that matches the story arc.

Find out what lead the destruction of Angel Grove.  Find out what Lord Zedd will do in the new universe he finds himself in.  What monsters will he recruit?  And who do you think would win in a fight; Batman or the Power Rangers?  Find out in Justice League/Power Rangers #1.


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