At the end of volume 1 the sidekicks of the Danger Club universe had a major setback on their road preparing for the incoming mega threat.

Warning the following contains spoilers for Danger Club Vol. 1, so continue at one’s own peril.

When the first volume ended it was revealed Jack Fearless was a traitor and killed Kid Vigilante on live tv.  The Magician went on a spirit quest akin to one of Doctor Strange and appeared to have died on that journey.  It was revealed that President American Spirit was behind all the heroes being killed because he had tricked them somehow.

Danger Club Vol. 2 was written by Landry Q. Walker.  The volume’s art was provided by Garry Black, Michael “Rusty” Drake and Eric Jones.  Image Comics published the volume in 2015.

I had really high hopes for this volume because I loved the first one.  The universe was interesting and had deep lore which was unfortunately not explored, but it was there.  Danger Club’s  premise was very unique and intriguing.

A problem I had with this volume was how fast and jam-packed with information it was.  The first did too but I can accept that because they did not have time to explore backstories even though I would have liked if they did.  

In the volume I felt lost quite a bit.  They would briefly mention a plot point and then all of a sudden it became very important.  This led me to have to backtrack through the comic to find that plot point.

A major problem in the volume was I didn’t feel connected to the characters.  The character would die or get seriously hurt and it was obvious I was supposed to feel sad.  However, I don’t know anything about this character.  I can’t feel sad if I don’t know who they are and why they do the things they do.  I was always confusing minor characters as well.

Another complaint I had with the volume was it made a sharp turn into a totally different genre.  It started as a grounded superhero comic and then went into a Ancient Aliens, magic, time travel and alternate dimensions story.  They just kinda crammed it all in there too.  One page was after another added a new wrinkle into the story.  Less is more in the case of stories , but they added a ton more than needed in this one.

Danger Club Vol. 2 was not a bad story or comic by any means.  I liked it as a whole and liked volume 2, but I had such high hopes for the comic.  A sharp turn was taken and in my opinion it was in the wrong direction.

I would recommend this volume only if the reader really enjoyed the first volume.  Just be warned the first volume is much better than the second.

If you like this alternate take on the superhero genre then check out Wanted by Mark Millar.  It is what the movie of the same name is based on, but only the very beginning is the same.  After that it veers off into its own direction.  Wanted is the story of what would happen if the villains won.

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