Kaijumax Vol. 1 is a comic about a super-max prison, but the prison is for giant monsters called kaiju.  

Kaiju is a Japanese term to describe giant monsters like what Godzilla would fight in its movies.

The comic follows the character of Electrogar on his first day of prison.  However, he is a kind kaiju and doesn’t harm people unless provoked.  Electrogar’s story of how he got there is a sad one.  He was swimming with his wife and two small children in the ocean, but depth charges begin to go off all around them.  He and his wife started to fight off their attackers and his wife was killed in the struggle.

Electrogar hid his children in a cave while he fought to drive the attackers away, but he failed and was captured.  All Electrogar can think about is his children.  He keeps asking if someone can go out and check on them.  They can only eat these green balls that grow on his back.  

However, this is a comic about prison and their is no way someone is going to help a new prisoner.

Kaijumax Vol. 1 is written and drawn by Zander Cannon.  It was first published by Oni Press in 2015 and is ongoing.

This comic is considered a comedy comic, but it is not a funny comic in the traditional sense.  The humor lies in how it parodies prison shows and movies.  Early on in the comic Electrogar encounters a prisoner covered in prison tattoos and even had a teardrop tattoo.

Kaijumax’s exercise yard is comprised of weighted buildings and a treadmill with small buildings on the belt.  However, it wouldn’t be a prison without drugs so Kaijumax has them.  They smoke generators, smoke smokestacks and eat people which act like pills.  Prisoners have shivs made out of the side of shipping containers.  

There is so much more which I can compare to real life.  However, I don’t want to spoiler anymore.

I loved this comic because the story is compelling and surprisingly relatable.  Electrogar is a character which I began to like and care for.  I started to really care about him and his children.

My only complaint with the comic is it progresses a little slow.  It would have been more interesting to me if we could have seen more on Electrocar and the condition of his children.

 I would recommend this comic to someone who likes Godzilla movies and wants a different take on the kaiju genre. 


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