Resident Evil Biohazard Review

The Resident Evil was created over twenty years ago.  The Game was inspired by the old movies of horror like Night of the Living Dead, Zombies, Dead Alive, and much more but the girls and guys at Capcom have done their best to raise the Resident Evil series from a dead episode into the most frightening experience of your life.  Evil is back and it comes in the form of Resident Evil Biohazard.

Back Story:  The story throws you in right away with Ethan Winters, our protagonist with a problem.  You see, Ethan’s wife has been missing for three years.  She went to a babysitting gig and never returned.  Everything seemed lost to Ethan until he received a mysterious email from his beloved wife.  Over the hill and into the woods we go.

This game seems to pull together different emotions from all types of horror.  If you play the game, let us know what movies you were reminded of.  For myself, the very first scene reminds me of the beginning of the original Evil Dead series (just look at the car and you’ll know what I mean).  Zombies, cannibals and hopeless victims await you.

The graphics look better than ever before.  The textures look real and when cannibals are shoving gross human intestines in your face, I bet you won’t be able to sit still.  With the VR on the other hand, the bar for graphics lowers.

The PlayStation VR takes you out of your home and into the House of Baker (no, not the drummer).  The VR experience cuts out all peripheral vision and all outside noises that would normally take you out of the experience.  I slowly make my way through the game afraid that something will be jumping out the corner.  That being said, the graphics quality drops slightly when switching to VR mode.  Do I recommend VR?  Hell yes!

Controls are easy to get the hang of.  By the time, you’re in deep trouble you’ll be ready to fight, although you may not have a weapon at times.  As a horror fan, I am hard pressed to find another game besides “The Evil Within” which was created by the same creator of “Resident Evil”.

Do you want to see some gameplay before you buy?  Check out Ratt Haus Productions new Twitch Channel:

I’ll be live streaming the VR experience.

Control: 3.5 (Could be better)

Graphics: 4.5 (Graphics go well with the horror genre)

Sound: 5 (The ambiance, voice acting, and sound effects keep you at the edge of your seat)

Play Experience: 4.5 (The length of the game may upset people, but the quality will keep you coming back)

Overall Rating: 4.3 Great Game (even better if you’re a horror fan.)

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