It is unfortunate that at this moment in our amazing Comic Book Film phase that Marvel Studios and Fox can’t seem to find their footing when it comes to the X-men movie franchise.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they came together for FX’s Legion.  But, that deal only happened due to the Guardians getting Ego The Living Planet bargain.  None the lease, we are at the point of saying goodbye to Hugh Jackman and what better way to say goodbye than by putting the fresh off Marvel’s Civil War author Mark Millar’s Old Man Logan (and possibly Death Of Wolverine) on the big screen.


Old Man Logan could possibly be the greatest Wolverine story ever told.  The 8 part miniseries (which included a giant size issue to conclude it) has everything from good people gone bad, little plot holes, and leaves you wanting more. Hints: why they continued the story in Secret Wars and now having Old Man Logan in the main continuity.  This is a series I highly recommend reading it.


With this all being said, let’s get into the 5 characters you WON’T see in Fox’s version of Old Man Logan without spoiling the comic!


  1. Old Man Hawkeye

Believe it our not, Clint Barton places the biggest role in this story.  Not only are Hawkeye and Logan good friends (not best) in this series but they are the last of the superheroes that exist in this dystopian future where the villain (and Rogue Avenger) have divided the United States into several seconds.  Clint offers Logan money to embark on a journey across the treacherous territory to deliver a package in order to save Logan’s Family.  I have yet to even see if Logan has a family in the upcoming movie, so maybe Clint is replaced with Professor X.


  1. The Hulk and His Inbreed Family

Sounds pretty gross but this is another key element of the storyline.  In fact, the only reason this world exists is due to The Hulk (Bruce Banner) betraying The Avengers!  Part of the deal behind his betrayal is that Hulk gets to control California and runs it much like The Good Fellas Motto of “F*** you, pay me.”  When The Hulk Family find out Logan is a little short on rent, this causes the Logan to head into his crazy adventure with Hawkeye.  I know what you’re saying, “But how does he have a inbreed family, MTR?”  I’m glad you asked, The Hulk decided to take She-Hulk, which is his cousin, as his sex slave which creates extremely incest children.  Due to the trailers, I doubt were even going to down a route like this but I could be wrong.


  1. Red Skull

Can you imagine a day where Redskull finally beats Captain America?!  Well, it happens in a brutal way in Mark Millar’s Mad Max of a Creation.  Get this, in the victory of putting Steve Rogers to rest, Redskull wears Cap’s suit as a Medal of Honor.  Redskull also spends most of his time his trophy room, reminiscing of each death of each Avenger.  If you’re truly keeping count, this section of the article should count as two characters but, I’ll let it slide as one.


  1. Spider-Man (or Spider-Girl)

There are two reasons it’s important to address why Sony’s Spider-man will not be in the last Wolverine movie we’ll see (unless X-23 takes in the mantle of Wolverine).  Not only does Hawkeye drive the spider-mobile (in my opinion, is better than any car Nick Fury has ever own) because The Web Slinger is also dead in this universe but Clint’s daughter takes on the role of Spider-Man… or Girl… Can a Girl call herself Spider-Man technically?  Anyways, Burton finds out that his daughter is captured by a man who is our dystopian Kingpin.  I’m not going to spoil it but the repercussions of her capture are unforeseeable.


  1. Mysterio

All the characters are essential to the Old Man Logan storyline and Mysterio could possibly play the biggest role.  Throughout the entire story, we are viewing a damaged and broken Logan.  It takes time but Clint finally pulls the story out of Wolverine.  This part of the story caught me off guard.  I never thought Mysterio was a force to be wrecking with until he devised the plan to break the impassable force that is known as Wolverine and turned him into a pacifist.  Nuff’ said!


The fact that we will not see the true and full storyline of Old Man Logan is disheartening.  Maybe that’s why Fox’s decide to entitle the movie as Logan, so we know we’re stepping into elements of the comic but not to a “T”.  I am truly hoping this is the send off that Hugh Jackman and Sir Patrick Stewart truly deserve after playing these roles for over 15 years.

Make sure to see Logan in theaters May 5th, 2017.


For a general breakdown of Old Man Logan in ‘s entirety, check out Comics After Dark Podcast below!

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