A normal day in a normal high school turns into an extraordinary adventure in The Woods Vol. 1.

On Oct. 16, 2013, at a Milwaukee high school 513 students, teachers and other staff disappear after seeing a white light explosion.  This comic follows what happened to those 513 people.

After the white light the high school finds itself in the middle of the woods.  Outside the high school they discover a giant rock with markings on it.  However, the school not only finds itself in the woods they also find they are on a moon circling a gas giant planet.

Alien creatures begin to attack and kill the students.  It becomes clear only their high school was teleported and not the entire Earth.  

As panic ensues student council representative Maria Ramirez takes charge and rallies the students behind her.  No one knows what happened, why or how, but Maria is determined to find out.

This volume is written by James Tynion IV with art by Michael Dialynas.  BOOM! Studios published the volume in 2014.

When reading this comic I couldn’t help but to feel nostalgic.  This comic feeds right into the “kids are the heroes” genre from the ‘80s and ‘90s.  This comic fits in with movies like The Goonies, The Sandlot and Stand by Me.  However, this comic has much more sci-fi horror than those comics.  The trope of kids are smart and adults are stupid is followed in this comic as well, but I mean that in a good way and fits in nicely to the comic.   

I really enjoyed this comic and touched on the “kids are heroes” genre I love so much.  All the characters are well defined and fit into the different general personality types.  That sounds like a contradiction but what I mean is I know who this characters are and they don’t act out-of-character.  The jock, the class-clown, the weird one, the leader and the brave one are all represented in the comic.

The mystery of the comic has really got me hooked.  I have know idea what is going on, but the comic is giving clues in just the right intervals.  I am able to hypothesize what may have happened and then the comic shoots that down with a new plot twist.

Seeing where this story goes is really exciting and I want to see what happens to the characters.  With each volume the reader could be introduced to new exciting characters as well.  There were 513 characters when the white light happened and that doesn’t include who or what is in the woods.

This comic is for fans of the “kids are heroes” genre and for fans of Stranger Things.  The Woods is fun and an easy read to breeze through in an evening.

A really similar comic I can recommend to read after this comic is Paper Girls by Brian K. Vaughan.  Paper Girls is about a group of teen paper girls who get involved with aliens and time travel and it’s great.  Also if you haven’t seen the movies I listed above or Stranger Things check them out.


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